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    Predictions for 1st Test?

    Toss - Sri Lanka (to bat) Top scorer - Ponting Most wickets - Clark Result - Australia by 180 runs
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    Reverse Auctions???

    Wouldn't have a clue on the technicalities of it, but is that the kind of auction where the lowest "unique" bidder wins? So if two people bid $1, ten people bid $2, one person bids $3 and five people bid $4, the $3 bidder wins?
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    Cramming for exams

    That sounds like you have set "sections" rather than exact set seats :confused:
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    Led Zeppelin vs The Beatles

    Houses of the Holy had its moments, but I'd say Physical Graffiti had more good tracks on it (and it was a hit and miss affair). I and IV are classics though :thumbsu: Yeah, if Karl Benz invented the car 30 or so years later than he did, it wouldn't be talked up as much.
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    Led Zeppelin vs The Beatles

    Looks like you're just regurgitating what you've read, and most likely haven't heard those albums. Sgt Peppers is average. Solid record, but probably about their 5th best album for mine. I'd say the Beatles are better due to their better range of songs and the sheer quality of everything they...
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    Cramming for exams

    Cramming for exams doesn't work that well I've found. In Year 12 I did a bit of study to revise, but not too much, even though I had so many days off before the first exam. I found the revision didn't help me that much and I was drawing on stored knowledge throughout the semester during my exam...
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    "Micallef Tonight" on DVD!

    *shudder* - almost forgot about that show, it's been about a year since it was on now. Absolutely terrible. Anyway I remember this Micallef Tonight show, used to be in back in year 10. Was pretty quirky but had a bit of gold thrown in, true to Micallef's style. The audio with Tony Martin and...
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    The SEN Thread

    That'd be about a year's supply wouldn't it? :eek: We showed that Johnson bloke what the listenership can do, thank God we've got the show back, I really missed it. Not sure why they brought about a name change though - what does changing it to "All Night Sport" achieve? Maybe they wanted to...
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    TV The sexual tension between Brad McEwan and Sandra Sully

    Hahaha :) This thread's still going strong, and with good reason.
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    Goodbye forum - Master O lost :)

    How long are you gone for _Ronny? Just call it a two-day hiatus, the forum will miss your antics.
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    Betfair opportunity

    "Nil" risk? Lucky for you it came off, but hardly easy money, especially considering you'd have to give up $140 to win $10, like JH did :eek:
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    Any stock tips? - Part 1

    Re: Any stock tips? BHP is awesome. What sources told you that and what timeframe do they expect it to reach $80 in?
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    Crawford has played his last game for a long time

    Maybe he has a secret - he's going to announce his retirement ;) Only kidding, he'll keep going until he gets injured, which is what spells the end of 33+ year olds. Yeah it was a low act, should get 4 weeks.
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    Port v Kangaroos

    If Port play like they did against the Eagles, they will find it tough against the Roos. Should be a close game, probably error-ridden like tonight's game was. But Port should do enough.
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    The Rugby World Cup Thread

    Oh well, $10 down the drain pretty quickly, at least I can cheer on the Wallabies now ;) Barnes is playing pretty well.
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    The Rugby World Cup Thread

    I'm thinking of chucking some money on Wales at 6.00 - am I throwing my $10 away if I do so?
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    Ch. 7 Want Big Brother

    This is good news if 7 succeed - I never watch 7 anyway (in fact, I hardly watch their footy coverage, although tonight's game is live so I'll definitely tune in). So hopefully it will free up room for a good show on 10. Who am I kidding, they'll go for another reality show :(
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    GF Ticket Registration

    Thankfully it's only one game a year that has this problem - in the NFL they face this every game.
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    Led Zeppelin

    Might as well buy a lottery ticket. Then you could pay for scalped tickets (let's face it, they could go for ridiculous amounts in the tens of thousands). ;)
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    Collingwood $1.80 favourites!!!

    Re: It is Now Equal Favourtism Money's hard to come by though ;) Yeah, fair call - I spose it's like paying for a ticket to the game if the bet loses and you get to see the Pies win.