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  1. thepokey

    Traded #42: Adam Saad - Traded to Carlton for pick 8 (with some junk picks)

    If he wants more money and more years, give it to him. People can complain about that adding to the precedence of players holding clubs over a barrel but in this case, good. You play your heart out like him even when we are in the shits and you put in great performances - you get the reward for it.
  2. thepokey

    Free Agent # 6: Joe Daniher (part 1)

    If Sydney think he’s salvageable enough to want him then they better pay up for him as if he weren’t injured. Hope they get a right Dodoro’ing
  3. thepokey

    Coaching Staff Senior Coach: John Worsfold - Thank you John

    We're learning more about how we want to play together as a team and what that looks like