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    B-Sides Rate a song: The Beatles - Dear Prudence

    Never really noticed this song that much before on the White Album, but it's recently stood out for me as an underrated song. Great bassline, great harmonies...can't get it out of my head. 9.5/10.
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    Job Interviews

    Anyone had a good run with job interviews? I've got one coming up for my first serious (ie, where I actually use my education to get in the door) job. Apparently they ask questions like "name a time where you've had to use your initiative to solve a problem". I've got a couple of ideas up my...
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    Probably a men's only thread this one (unless Aunt Bunny is reading ;)). In the past I used to use an electric shaver but I find nothing beats the old-fashioned razor for a closer shave, albeit with Mach 3 technology. Somersets shaving oil is also a great product. One thing with the Mach...
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    Round 7: St Kilda v Sydney

    I think the Saints are a big chance here, Sydney haven't been that flash this year in Melbourne, with a close shave against the Tigers and a disappointing effort last week against the Roos. St Kilda haven't beaten anyone yet this year but now is their chance. Saints by 9.
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    James Gwilt

    How ordinary is this guy? No wonder he was a late 60s pick in the draft. Poor awareness, poor disposal, still living off that one decent game in the 2005 finals series.
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    Paying off credit cards through NetBank

    Stupid question but was wondering how I pay off a credit card balance using Commbank's NetBank? I had to buy something from overseas so paid by credit card and obviously you can't do it through the regular transfer menu.
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    Brett Lee - a star in India

    Was listening to this terrible show on Triple M called "Chaz & Dom from the Chaser" and heard a snippet of Brett Lee's attempt at singing - targeting an Indian audience :eek: Does Brett have what it takes to be a star in India and will this extend his Test career by a number of years due to...
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    20/20 - Australia v England

    Being played tomorrow night, does anyone care about this result? Call me crazy but I do and would like to know what our 20/20 international record is like. They beat us over in England which was a preamble to us losing the Ashes, so the game may be more of a barometer than some may think. If...
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    Reservoir Dogs

    What are everyone's thoughts on this movie? Would you rank it among Tarantino's best? Just picked this up with a spare $5 from JB. Gotta love the monologue at the start :D
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    The Trumpeteer

    Now I've always thought the Barmy Army are a bunch of loudmouthed tools. But this trumpeteer really adds a bit to the atmosphere and knows how to play. Good to hear a nice rendition of Yellow Submarine, even if it is bagging us :)
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    "The Big Questions"

    Watched a few minutes of this show...don't know why. I always thought it seemed to cater for the lowest denominator of bogans. I just heard the TV in the other room, and Jules Lund helped the crowd break out into a rendition of "The last plane out of Sydney's almost gone". Terrible stuff.
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    Australia's Chances in the Champions Trophy

    There seems to be no thread for general discussion on the Champions Trophy, just match threads. So this is why I'm posting this topic. What does everyone think of Australia's chances of winning the tournament we've choked in the past couple of occasions? Punter said before the tournament that...
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    Ross & Gary Lyon

    Take a look at the eyebrows: Are these guys related in any way?
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    The AFL's Grand Plan for Northern States

    So the AFL gave the Lions the necessary advantages to get them to 4 Grand Finals, and it looks like the same may happen with the Swans. The question is, are 3 flags enough to ingrain the sport into Sydney's sporting culture? It doesn't seem to have worked for Brisbane who are struggling for...
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    Geelong v St Kilda

    Game just about over with the Saints doing it nicely - Geelong's finals hopes have been killed off. :thumbsu:
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    Finals Set in Absolute Stone

    Freo's massive upset win has killed off any chance Geelong had of sneaking into the finals. This would have to be the first time in years where we know the result of the finals for certain only 3 weeks out?
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    Dice Man Was Wrong!

    Since he posted 800 times when he was right about Richmond beating Collingwood, let's punish him due to the fact he got it wrong today by picking the Dons! BWAHAHAHAHAHA - you suck! ;)
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    What a year in Sport

    The best year ever in sport - it never stops. I LOVE IT!!!!!
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    Brazilian Players' Names

    I've wondered for years why the Brazilians always play under their "nicknames" like Ronaldo who I think is Luis Nazario de Lima and Roberto Carlos Al Takiri. Wouldn't it be better for Ronaldo to call himself "Luis Nazario"? What is with their names over there?
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    Kangaroos v Sydney

    Not much interest in this one at the start, and won't be for the rest of the game it looks like. Sydney are running away with this and lead 4.1.25 to 3 points. Could get ugly.