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    Player Watch #26: Tarryn Thomas - has mural

    Needs to play as our deepest attacking player.
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    Preview Round 5, 2021: North Melbourne vs Geelong @ GMHBA Stadium | Sunday, April 18 @ 4:40pm

    Will Walker, how far away from being match fit ?
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    Player Watch #2: Jaidyn Stephenson

    yeah Ryan Burton for Ben McKay and Jed Anderson is better than good. Was literally Joyce’s finest moment right there.
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    Stringer > De Goey- convince me otherwise

    if we’ve seen the best of De Goey, he hasn’t even gone past Lindsay Thomas.
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    Player Watch #29: Will Phillips

    Nice spot. He is very Michael Johnson like.
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    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

    so anyway, next years draft... All-in on this young South African lad with the good outswinger? You want targets? Who else? You are being paid $300k a year to manage the list, you have picks 1,19,20,37 Go.
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    Player Watch #30: Charlie Comben - 8 weeks post surgery as of 25/3/21 - has run on Alter-G treadmill twice - hoping to get games at the end of the year

    Actually had a bit of a chat to him before the game in the Hardon Lounge. Nice kid, decent lump of a lad.
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    Player Watch #9: Luke Davies-Uniacke - signs two year contract extension until end 2023

    He is the man. He is doing it all, just slightly off which is understandable after only 30 games. And next year we will have two of these... stick that in ya mama’s basement next to your bed RazorRay you imbecile. Well let’s just wait until he has the requisite tank mate. Love the passion...
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    Preview Round 5, 2021: North Melbourne vs Geelong @ GMHBA Stadium | Sunday, April 18 @ 4:40pm

    Out: Zurhaar, Lukey, Mahony, Turner In: Garner, Atu, Xerri, Taylor Both Mahony and Turner need to go back to the two’s, find some ball, hit some targets and get on the scoreboard - endeavour is good, willingness to get involved fantastic but their lack of skill is really hurting us. Too many of...
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    Player Watch #2: Jaidyn Stephenson

    I think we’ll find space for The Skipper (Simpkin) - anyone who doubted this, watch the replay again. I would hope Anderson, Polec and an Old Cunners are still in the mix too.
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    Player Watch #28: Kayne Turner - extends contract until end 2022

    People telling other people what to say and how to act can GAGF. I’m not frustrated by his performance at all, that was his best game in years. Listen Harry Potter, a statement of facts is not anything more than a statement of fact. if you read the game day thread and take issue with it...
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    Player Watch #8: Bailey Scott - extends contract to end of 2022

    yes and no, no and sometimes (due to running fast for long periods) he makes mistakes that kids make. Mahoney, fits your description perfectly in 2021.
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    Stringer > De Goey- convince me otherwise

    Stringer is a gun. Excellent footballer, much more clinical than De Goey. I think he’s one of the most dangerous forwards in the game and a very tough match-up.
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    Player Watch #2: Jaidyn Stephenson

    Once we add Horne, look the fu** out.
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    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade & List Management Thread I

    He’s the 3rd best Tall in the draft. JUH and Cox > McDonald. Hollands is the one anyway, relax, the buyers remorse hasn’t even begun yet.
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    Analysis Blowtorch thread: what was the worst performance of the round?

    No blowtorch at Arden St - only one casualty which wasn’t forced and no senior players or leadership figures droppped. If we get rolled by 60 plus today, then I’m expecting a double blowtorch.
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    Preview Round 4, 2021: North Melbourne vs Adelaide @ Marvel Stadium | Sunday, April 11 @ 1:10pm

    Does explain the $3.40 into $3.25 mini-go for us.
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    Player Watch #20: Nick 'Souva' Larkey - signs three year contract extension until end 2024

    And Phillips would have 3 20+ games and be labelled Rowell Mach2 had he gone to Sydney. Swings and roundabouts. Logan got his first taste of a dewy wet SCG and surprise surprise, like every other CHF that has stepped foot onto the ground, he battled. Not picking Cox will be the one we lament...
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    Rumour The North Ultimatum

    you haven’t won a legitimate flag in 80 years, and that is success? You’re a turnip.