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  1. Boris the Contradiction

    Strategy Where are we going as a football team?

    I don't start many threads, but I am starting to lose faith in our direction as a club. After a disastrous offseason both from a list management and governance perspective, we are currently 13th, after a 1-3 start. We have had better player availability so far this year than we have had in...
  2. Boris the Contradiction

    Review Our trade period

    Our trade period. Out: Treloar, Phillips, Stevo, Atu, pick 39, pick 42 In: Pick 14, future 2nd, pick 65, pick 70 They've gutted the existing list and we have a poor hand in a draft that's compromised anyway. They've wrecked the team, and that doesn't even factor in the potential cultural...
  3. Boris the Contradiction

    Oppo Camp Go Hawthorn and/or Brisbane (for one week only)

    Thread title speaks for itself. Join the fan club for one week only. Get your cheer on! (Us beating Essendon would help too, of course.....)
  4. Boris the Contradiction

    Opinion Pies fans. Calm the **** down!

    Pies fans. Calm the **** down! Just peace out for a while and prevent yourselves from having a collective, board wide meltdown and heart attack! Geelong are flying and are the rightful premiership favourites at the moment. Outside of them, the accepted 'next' favourites are Collingwood, West...
  5. Boris the Contradiction

    Opinion Team of the century (so far)

    I stole this thread concept from the main board. Pretty self explanatory, really. Post your best team of the 2000s. I'll start. B: James Clement (VC) - Simon Prestigiacomo, - Leon Davis HB: Heath Shaw - Ben Reid - Harry O'Brien M: Steele Sidebottom - Nathan Buckley (C) - Scott Burns HF...
  6. Boris the Contradiction

    Opinion Why the crazy talk?

    I have started very few threads over a long period as a member of this site - an example being when I famously beat Dave the Man in welcoming the Postcard Bandit to the club - but I thought it was necessary to call for calm. So many are lambasting the club for its performance over the free...
  7. Boris the Contradiction

    Universal Love Adam Treloar

    Ok guys and gals. I'm going to say it. AT is the best player we have recruited from another club since Buckley. Hands down. That is all.
  8. Boris the Contradiction

    Universal Love Jack Frost is better than Superman

    The thread title says it all really. That was one of the best key defensive performances I've ever seen by a Pie. Just brilliant. That is all.
  9. Boris the Contradiction

    Magpies Infinite Rewards

    I have been a member of BigFooty since 2005 but have never posted in the Nest (no actual reason, just haven't), so here goes.... As an AFL member with a Collingwood Club Support package I receive a complimentary (watered down) Collingwood membership. One of the up - or down depending on your...
  10. Boris the Contradiction

    Bumped Brenden Abbott

    (***Mod edit: two threads merged. Boris beat TD 'by that much' it's his OP ***Mod edit) Just wanted to see if I could beat TD. ........ His profile lists him as a defender, midfielder and forward so he is a bit of an unknown quantity as a footballer. One thing is certain about the...
  11. Boris the Contradiction

    Strategy Our tagger

    In 2014 we played with a full time tagger for the first time in years. Given our first choice (Macaffer) will be out for a lot of 2015 with an injury, who do people think will get first crack at the role for Round 1? We may of course not use a tagger at all, however, I doubt we will ditch an...
  12. Boris the Contradiction

    Toast Dayne Beams

    As unfortunate as his injury was, Luke Ball going down will make this guy's career. Such a natural midfielder and he has been at the centre of so much of our best midfield play these last two weeks. I think with Ball out, our best combination is Jolly, Swan, Pendlebury and Beams, easily. It's...
  13. Boris the Contradiction

    Toast Travis Cloke

    WOW!! That was one of the most influential quarters of football I've seen from a player in my life. What a player he has become and I would not be surprised if he took home his second Copeland Trophy this season. A colossus.
  14. Boris the Contradiction

    3 don't fit into 2

    3 doesn't fit into 2 I can see our team looking like this with perhaps some positional shuffling; Krakouer, Cloke, ???? Didak, Dawes, Brown Thomas, Pendlebury, Beams O'Brien, Reid, Shaw Toovey, Tarrant, Davis Foll: Jolly, Swan, Ball Int: Johnson, Wellingham, Maxwell SUB ...
  15. Boris the Contradiction

    Luke Hodge's kicking

    Absolutely putrid yesterday. I know he's normally good in that regard and it was wet but he lacked vision and composure yesterday. Just an off performance or more a bit of nerves coming into a huge final as captain? I was genuinely surprised with how he performed yesterday as it's the sort of...
  16. Boris the Contradiction

    Review Dayne Beams - The Midfielder

    I have long thought that Dayne Beams is one of our best players. In fact if I rated our players 1-40 I'd have him in the Top 10. He's an all round footballer without very many weaknesses in his skill-set. He's one of the best kicks at the club, hard, has a good football brain, can find it with...
  17. Boris the Contradiction

    Food Near ANZ Stadium??

    I am travelling up to see the game in Sydney with my sister next weekend. It will be the first time I have seen the Pies live interstate but we don't have a great time in between getting off the plane and getting to the game. Due to this I was hoping that someone could recommend somewhere near...
  18. Boris the Contradiction

    Toast Our Heritier, Tarrant, Didak and the Arizona boys (other than Brown)

    For the first part of this season I thought Harry was in his worst patch of form in years. He was fumbly, his defensive efforts were generally poor and he looked lost at times. Commentators were starting to comment that he may have been worked out and that his "antics" were not working anymore...
  19. Boris the Contradiction


    Most people have suggested that we use a utility such as Goldsack or Tarrant in this position next year but I feel that this would be a mistake. Our on-field team is so versatile as it is that in the event that we need a structural change, we can make it using the players that are already on the...
  20. Boris the Contradiction

    Toast Alan Didak

    This thread is a query I'm hoping someone can answer for me. 24.6 possessions per game as the leading goalkicking in a premiership team. Has it ever been done before? I have a feeling it would be an all-time record. What a season he had and when you consider that he played out the finals series...