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  1. RilesMacca

    Old Sydney Swans Theme Song

    Yeah must've been great to watch live! I asked my old man about the game, and he slightly remembered about it. He told me he remembered watching the prelim against the lions and us swannies were doing well up till 3 quarter time, then the lions trounced us unfortunately in the final term.
  2. RilesMacca

    Old Sydney Swans Theme Song

    Gday, Today I was watching the 2003 qf against port Adelaide which we won, and when the swans theme song played, I had never heard it before. The song was different to the 2005 grand final one and it wasn't the 1990s Up there for Sydney one, it sounded like a more lethargic version with the same...
  3. RilesMacca

    Preview Sydney Swans vs GWS, Saturday April 17 @ SCG

    McInerney had a very good game. Impacted the game well with 2 goals, and that assist to Buddy was crucial, the running he did in that play was fantastic; its what got us over the line I reckon.
  4. RilesMacca

    Full Games Request

    Also the 2006 Brownlow Medal would be great thanks.
  5. RilesMacca

    Full Games Request

    Gday, I am wondering if anyone has the following games: 1999 Round 19 Sydney vs North Melbourne 2009 Round 10 Western Bulldogs vs Sydney 2005 Sydney Swans Regular Season Games Cheers
  6. RilesMacca invite code

    Gday, I am wondering if someone has an invite code that I could use to sign up for Cheers EDIT: Just received one nevermind.
  7. RilesMacca


    well I am a swans fan, and I'd love to see all of the regular season games from 2005 and also the swans PF in 2006
  8. RilesMacca


    Is there any working domains for any 2000s games?
  9. RilesMacca

    Old Bigpond full match replays

    So just confirming that its impossible to get 2000s games anymore? All of the links don't work. I'd love to watch those old games. Is there a domain that works for 2000s games? Cheers