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  1. royboys4eva

    Preview Round 8 2021, Fremantle vs Brisbane Lions, GABBA!, Sunday 9th May 4:40pm AEDT

    Think this might be a good result for us. We should be winning on Sunday and that will take us to 4 wins on the trot. Don't mind playing their later in the year as we have plenty of home games to finish the season and Fremantle might be out of contention by then and looking forward to end of...
  2. royboys4eva

    Review Round 7, 2021 - Brisbane Lions vs. Port Adelaide

    It's good let him go under the radar although I suspect every opposition coach/s knows how good he is. Anyway just means we get a better price on Hugh to win the Brownlow :) 50 -1 yesterday compared to Walsh 12-1. Be almost on same amount of votes.
  3. royboys4eva

    The 90s

    Nirvana and Pearl Jam for starters. Some of the greatest movies as well. Heat and Terminator 2.
  4. royboys4eva

    Unofficial Preview Changes Round 8 vs Fremantle

    I too have thought how J.Berry would go off half back. Attacks the ball - has height and can provide great run out of defence. Can certainly see him playing there some time into the future.
  5. royboys4eva

    Non-Lions discussion 2021

    Cats losing on the siren to a dodgy umpires call - it doesn't get much better :)
  6. royboys4eva

    Review Round 7, 2021 - Brisbane Lions vs. Port Adelaide

    Our last three wins have all been on the back of being stronger in the contest - crashing in winning 50/50 balls - tackling ferociously. Port felt the pressure for the entire 120 min, they couldn't handle it and turned it over at will. When we play like this we look such a good side - I noticed...
  7. royboys4eva

    Game Day Round 7, 2021- Brisbane Lions vs. Port Adelaide

    Looking forward to seeing how the Irish lad Madden goes? Hope he isn't a spud :) Hope Beastmode has a ripper as well. If we can get enough decent supply into the forward 50 I think out forwards will cause them trouble. Could be a good night for our crumbers like McCarthy - Charlie. Go Lions.
  8. royboys4eva

    2021 Draft and Trade thread

    I can tell you who will be going early in the draft in 2028. Lukas Koutoufides. Dominating junior footy at under 11s. Kicked 20 goals in 2 weeks and is built like a 16 year old already. Something for Carlton fans in the future. They might be on rebuild number 10 by then.
  9. royboys4eva

    Review Round 6, 2021 - Carlton vs. Brisbane Lions

    should have ended it at the first sentence :) Still haven't answered my question that I have asked twice? Who takes Marshall or Georgiades?
  10. royboys4eva

    Review Round 6, 2021 - Carlton vs. Brisbane Lions

    Who is taking Marshall or Georgiades? Andrews will get Dixon. Also not being blind defensive just don't see why you drop a player who is doing his job week in week out and is well respected and leader on the field. Do you honestly think Fagan will drop him?
  11. royboys4eva

    Review Round 6, 2021 - Carlton vs. Brisbane Lions

    He has done his job every week - how many times has he been beaten in a marking contest by his opponent this year? I would have him in the side before Birchall. He won't be on any of the above - he will be on the the third tall - Marshall / Georgiades. You weren't happy with people having a...
  12. royboys4eva

    Review Round 6, 2021 - Carlton vs. Brisbane Lions

    No way Lester gets dropped. They will find a match up for him. Especially with Gardiner out. Froggy has been outstanding down back this year and done the job every week without fuss. If it's going to be wet he will be as important as ever. Tom Berry needs to be in starting 22 this week after...
  13. royboys4eva

    2021 Membership

    The system is just so broken. I think going to the dentist would be more enjoyable than trying to purchase tickets to a Lions game in Melbourne. Actually leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Mind you be worth it if we win :)
  14. royboys4eva

    Solved OJ Simpson Case

    He has admitted he did it to half a dozen people. What more do you want? "If she hadn't opened the door with a knife she would still be alive" Repulsive human who has murdered his wife (bashed her many times perviously ) an innocent man and ruined the lives of many people. Now he is on social...
  15. royboys4eva

    2021 Membership

    I will always buy membership to support the Lions but it has to be said their is next to no value in it. Had to pay extra to go see Lions in Ballarat and stand on the outer. This week to get better seats in Level 3 I have to pay extra. Otherwise basically sit on the the roof in level 3. Hope...
  16. royboys4eva

    Review Round 5, 2021 - Brisbane Lions vs. Essendon

    Was at Bulldogs game at Ballarat and they paid Lions are couple 50/50 free kicks in last qtr to try and even it up. Guess where we got our free kicks? Back pocket! Thats another thing I don't like - try to even it up late and only pay them in back half so no one is to outraged!
  17. royboys4eva

    Review Round 5, 2021 - Brisbane Lions vs. Essendon

    Agree about Zorko and Mitch Robinson free kicks - both poor decisions that seemed based on who they were and not what transpired.
  18. royboys4eva

    Preview AFLW GRAND FINAL: Brisbane Lions v Adelaide Crows, Sat Apr 17, 2pm

    Brilliant performance on the big stage and were superb all season. You won't find a more deserving Premiership team. Take a bow Craig Starcevich and girls. They deserve every plaudit they will receive and the girls deserve every drink they down tonight for a wonderful season. Let's hope the...
  19. royboys4eva

    2nds 2021 VFL and East Coast Second-Tier Competition

    Considering the side we put on the ground that's a good effort. Think we will struggle against the strong sides as we don't have the depth which says a lot about Essendon today. Like all reserves comps your performance from week to week will very depending heavily on injuries to the senior side.
  20. royboys4eva

    2nds 2021 VFL and East Coast Second-Tier Competition

    Not watching game - what's the score?