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  1. Cyrillic

    The kicking game plan is dead. We must adapt to the prevalent running and throwing

    I feared we had not spent enough time over summer learning the intricacies of the modern handball. Until such time as the match committee picks a side that will play with run (it is not just speed) and dare, we will continue to see similar results. I can handle losing, I just want to see the...
  2. Cyrillic

    Review On reflection, which young Hawks had the predicted break out years?

    I had a read through this thread from December 2013. I noted the 2 distinct break out players were the 2 who were upgraded from the rookie list. A big pat on the back to the one person who...
  3. Cyrillic

    Strategy Clarko unlocking the opposition's congested game plans?

    Watching our midfield dismantle the Sydney midfield group on Saturday night, it dawned on me that Clarko (and his assistants) appear to have devised some strategies to beat the Sydney and Freo heavy congestion around the ball game plans. I am not going to go into any detail on my theories (never...
  4. Cyrillic

    Every Footy Record since 1912

    thanks to the State Library
  5. Cyrillic

    Opinion This finals campaign will be about....

    This finals campaign will be about Truth, Justice and the Hawthorn way. For me it's about Truth - The most skilled and classiest teams continue to win Justice - will be served on GF day with a deserving winner Hawthorn Way - play hard to win. All year we have waited for finals (players...
  6. Cyrillic

    The cost of the legal battle if it proceeds

    Can the AFL assure all the clean clubs that their 2014 annual AFL distribution won't be impacted? Can the legal costs be taken from Essendon's 2014 distribution should that club cause such costs unnecessarily? Would they warn them of this possibility before hand or is it written into the AFL...
  7. Cyrillic

    Hawks in contention for AA honours @mid-season

    Looking at our squad's performance I came to realise just how even our performance has been across the board during the first part of the year. This ties in with the heavy positional rotations, resting players, not relying on buddy in attack, etc. We haven't heavily relied on a small group of...
  8. Cyrillic

    All this talk about equality

    I must be missing something in all of this talk about looking after the poor. We are getting lumped with the likes of Coll, Carl, Ess and Rich who get marquee games, yet Haw gets no favours that I am aware of that supposedly gives us preferential treatment over the poorer clubs. In fact we take...
  9. Cyrillic

    NAB 4 Vs Kangaroos @ Craigieburn

    I have heard @ craigieburn 2pm. Is this true? If so, will make the journey (witha rent-a-bomb :) )
  10. Cyrillic

    The door just opened for T Duryea

    Here is your chance Taylor. Has had a good preseason. Almost a clone of Suckling in terms of the type of player he has become
  11. Cyrillic

    Opinion The next step to free agency in the AFL

    If players want the freedom to transfer between clubs, is it time their salaries be disclosed to the AFL public? It would also help fans to understand and deal with gaining and/or losing players at their club. As it stands, it is another mechanism by which clubs and the AFL can hide behind and...
  12. Cyrillic

    It's war

    Next year, we have to firstly sign Buddy, and then target Thomas who becomes a free agent. They may have pinched CLInt Young but two can play this game. If nothing it will blow their cap senseless.
  13. Cyrillic

    2013 FIXture: Bring your pitchfork

    Shortly the AFL will announce the 2013 fixture. Who do you believe Hawthorn will be fixtured to play twice? For me, I am guessing Geelong Sydney Essendon Carlton Fremantle
  14. Cyrillic

    Opinion Blowing smoke up the proverbial

    Has anyone noticed the trend in recent years with the newer coaches blowing smoke up the proverbial of some of their players in when commenting publicly. Is it a sign of the times with a generational shift due to Gen Y’s and younger who have grown up being continually told they are wonderful...
  15. Cyrillic

    The Clarko media bashing

    The reporting this week has been way over the top. Do you think it is because of his association with Hawthorn? Or is it the continuation of the love hate relationship he has had with the media from the day he got the coaching gig? He is one of the longest serving coaches in the AFL but has...
  16. Cyrillic

    How does a pea-heart assess what is intentional or reckless

    Fraser is the epitome of the failed footballer, failed umpire and a general failure in life. Seriously, what the fu** has he done during his life in football that warrants him deciding the fate of players so disastrously. Or is there more at play with the sentences handed down.
  17. Cyrillic

    Club by Club - as at round 11 - played every game and total # used

    Played every game - Players used - Club 12 - 30 - Adelaide 09 - 35 - Brisbane 07 - 32 - Carlton 06 - 35 - Collingwood 07 - 31 - Essendon 12 - 32 - Fremantle 07 - 32 - Geelong 04 - 38 - Gold Coast 03 - 37 - GWS Giants 12 - 31 - Hawthorn 08 - 33 - Melbourne 12 - 32 - North Melbourne 11 - 32 -...
  18. Cyrillic

    The Biggest Flaw

    I was wrong earlier this week. I went early. Goes without saying after tonight that our kicking for goal (set shots or otherwise) is atrocious. Enough said
  19. Cyrillic

    Our biggest flaw

    82.83 We are going at 50:50 (goal:behinds) discounting OOFs. Nowhere near acceptable and it has arguably cost us twice already this year Our dominant spells in games is not being reflected on the scoreboard. We miss far too many set shots and this is a real issue if your gameplan...
  20. Cyrillic

    Is there a team that brings more community cheer than Hawthorn?

    When Hawthorn FC loses a game the football community loves it. People salivate to stick the boots it. That's okay. So with that in mind, can we get $20mil from the Vic State Govt for a community centre that has football facilities;). The "Centre for Happiness", it seems fair, every other club...