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    Injury Gold Coast Injuries - What gives?

    Four rounds in, they haven't finished a single game without at least one injury. It feels like every game there are 5-6 players limping in the second half, and the medical sub is always used. The Gold Coast have form on the injury front too; every year for the last 6-7 years they've had one of...
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    Analysis Worst All-Australian selection of all time?

    Out of all the players who have been selected for the All-Australian team, which one stands out to you as the worst? Selections like Leon Davis 2009, Shane Edwards 2018, Max Gawn 2019, Corey Enright 2016, Cyril Rioli 2012 come to mind. For me, it's Darcy Byrne-Jones in 2020. There is a player...
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    Taking the ball out of the ruck - What gives?

    Originally, you were allowed to grab the ball out of the ruck, but if you got tackled, it was always holding the ball, regardless of prior opportunity. Then they banned grabbing the ball out of the ruck for a few years. Then they brought it back, and if you get tackled, its not holding the...