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  1. sog35

    2004 Premiership Videos

    Haven't seen a thread covering this at all yet. The Club is releasing a series of 3 minute clips with interviews with the players and Choco looking back on the day and the Prelim. Great viewing if you get some time. Goes without saying the best day in our AFL history...
  2. sog35

    From the CEO 19/9

    Goosebumps Dear Members and Supporters, Twelve months ago to the day, the Port Adelaide family gathered at seaside Sorrento in Victoria and at home at Alberton Oval, to honour the life of John McCarthy. It was a defining moment. Somehow we grew stronger. More resilient. Wiser. We...
  3. sog35

    Best and Fairest - Anyone going?

    Anyone planning on heading along Saturday night? Would be good to catch up for a beer or other beverage of your choosing.
  4. sog35

    Collins and Bassett come to blows.

    At SANFL ANZAC game. Just for interest Collins and Bassett were walking off chirping, Bassett got in his face, Collins shoved as they went into the race. As they went under the grandstand trainers came from everywhere. Unsighted but reports of punches thrown. Crazy to watch.
  5. sog35

    We are Port Adelaide - Gav and Stasi Edition

    Gavin and Stacy Brilliant.
  6. sog35

    Power Fans in London

    Hello! For an exiles living in London (or if you know someone who doesn't post here but is in the Old Dart) I'm going along to The Slug in Fulham to watch the game against Geelong. It'll be delayed so make sure the family and friends dont message you and you keep off the internet. Here...
  7. sog35

    Showdown I DVD

    Not sure if this or the Twilight Zone is the spot. Can anyone help me out to get a copy of Showdown 1? Will pay costs.
  8. sog35

    West Coast game day

    Any exiles on today? Listening to the game?
  9. sog35

    Exiled Supporters

    Well I'm now officially in my first season away from Port games. Over in the UK for work. Using it as an excuse to see plenty of football over here though. My team Barnsley is through to an FA Cup semi final at the new Wembley - will be up there with 2004. Who else is part of the Exiled...
  10. sog35

    Our first pick

    Does anyone have a short list of some names I should be reading about? mission impossible?
  11. sog35

    Living in London

    I'm moving over to live and work in the UK in January. I'll be working in a town called Guildford which is 40 mins south west of London. I'm heading over with the GF and another friend who want to work in London (I think East Central - banking and finance area). We're trying to find somewhere in...
  12. sog35

    Robbie Gray

    Played for West against Centrals on Saturday. Went and had a look, hadn't seen him play yet. He's going to be a good one. Great hands (too good for some of his teammates), kicked a great goal, dodging and side stepping 6 opposing players, think he kicked a couple. Disposal was a bit ordinary...
  13. sog35

    The Darkness Tour

    Anyone going to see them? From what I've heard ticket sales in Adelaide have struggled.
  14. sog35

    MP3 Trimming Question

    Does anyone know of a program (preferably free) that can edit MP3's. Say if I only need like 30 seconds of a 3 minute mp3 file? Cheers
  15. sog35

    Live Streaming of Todays Match

    Anyone around that knows where I can get it from.
  16. sog35

    official find some positives thread...

    Disappointed to lose but some highlights in a depressing night; Bishop's goal on the run, sensational, love to see a defender kick a goal. Tredders kicking. Francou turning on a 5c bit a couple of times. Working his way back, sure the holding up of the ball isn't great but he was always...
  17. sog35

    Cat Votes

    5 - Tredrea 4 - Walsh 3 - Dew 2 - Cassisi 1 - Bishop
  18. sog35

    Showdown 17

    We have played a horrid, horrid game. I don't even know where to start. Oh and there's still a quarter to play.
  19. sog35

    Jefferson out for the season.

    And now the Nets rely on Carter staying healthy. Heh.
  20. sog35

    The Futureheads

    Has anyone else picked up this little gem?