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    Trades 2021 Round 7 Fantasy Trades

    I need to make a choice between Zieball and Macrae and Farrah or Robertson, As there is no sensible way I get both in this week. I am also gambling that Dusty will only be out for a week and come back recovered from his foot injury. I think I've settled on - Dunkley > Macrae Gulden > Farrah.
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    Trades 2021 Round 6 Fantasy Trades

    Yeah he is who I am leaning towards, however Sholl would leave me with around 170k for an upgrade next week.
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    Trades 2021 Round 6 Fantasy Trades

    I have my narrowed my trades down to a choice between Ziebell or Sholl replacing Webster. Who is the safer bet?
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    Trades 2021 Round 6 Fantasy Trades

    Would appreciate any thoughts on this weeks trades... first season playing this and so still working out a strategy! At the moment I've penciled in - Phillips - F. Macrae Webster - Sholl Leaving 179k in the bank for next week.
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    Teams 2021 AFL Fantasy Teams - Preseason

    A complete novice's first draft... (First season trying this so will probably be a disaster!)