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  1. sog35

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade Targets

    Family sickness/illness from memory.
  2. sog35

    Official Club Stuff Ollie Wines extends contract for another four years

    Most likely Australian to remove the currency risk, American would be unwise IMO.
  3. sog35

    Resource Finals Ticketing thread

    Believe so. The process is a bit fiddly from what I understand so I'd leave a buffer.
  4. sog35

    Resource Finals Ticketing thread

    Not sure if you can do it during the lead up, but absolutely can do pre-game at the ticket booths around the oval. Concession tickets flash up a different colour on the back of the turnstile from memory. Assume they only check for obvious breaches as I haven't seen a check either.
  5. sog35

    Resource Finals Ticketing thread

    Yep, you can upgrade but make sure you have whoever bought the ticket with you. I believe they refund the ticket and sell a 'new' one. You can't/don't pay the difference on the day.
  6. sog35

    Mega Thread The Port Store Mega Thread Part 2

    Was there Saturday, wasn't looking specifically for a guernsey but there seemed to be plenty there.
  7. sog35

    Corona virus, Port and the AFL. Part 2.

    Everest eh? Sounds like they are making a mountain out of a molehill.
  8. sog35

    Review Please remind me why we traded Dougal Howard?

    Apart from the fact Hipwood pulled Howard's pants down everytime he played on him. Don't think his footy IQ is that great, a reasonable see ball, punch ball defender with some nice pace at his size. I really don't think he was a significant loss.
  9. sog35

    Review Qualifying Final vs Geelong

    For those doubting To He was involved in our last three goals. This 1 on 2 against two high quality intercept marks where he brings it to ground. Ladhams goal, first contest to bring to ground, then the sealer. Low possession, huge influence.
  10. sog35

    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade Targets

    Hungriest player in front of goal in the AFL. Pass.
  11. sog35

    Welcome Welcome to Port Adelaide Trent McKenzie

    Anything he got was wide apart from one. This is mostly down to the players in front but I imagine a bit to do with Trent's starting position, pushing him wider. Didn't get involved in too many wrestling contests. He was off a bit with his other stuff (intercept marking etc) but had a bigger...
  12. sog35

    Review Qualifying Final vs Geelong

    Cool, at least that means we don't have to hear them bleat on about a final down at Kardinia Park.
  13. sog35

    Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 16

    Toumpas being brought in as the pacer for the 3km time trial.
  14. sog35

    Let's talk Ports! Part 3

    We lease the Oval from Council.
  15. sog35

    Opinion Changes for QF vs Geelong

    This is the part that makes no sense. I'd be naming him and switching as an emergency. Why let Geelong plan for it? If it's been leaked by anyone involved in the Club, heads should roll.
  16. sog35

    Opinion Changes for QF vs Geelong

    I remember it as well as the game before where Clurey held him goalless. It's an incredibly bold strategy, but it seems like we prefer to make these calls pre-game and running with it all game as opposed to retaining options and switching up. My fear is that the coaching staff have spent the...
  17. sog35

    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade Targets

    Personally would prefer 1 x 4 Metre Peter but beggars can't be choosers I suppose.
  18. sog35

    Toast 100 games - Darcy Byrne-Jones

    DBJ has some of the cleanest hands in the game. One grabs almost everything. Seems like this year he's added a little bit of core strength to go with his agility, he's a hard man to bring down when moving through traffic. Great ability to keep steady when the body pressure is on.