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  1. RilesMacca

    Old Sydney Swans Theme Song

    Gday, Today I was watching the 2003 qf against port Adelaide which we won, and when the swans theme song played, I had never heard it before. The song was different to the 2005 grand final one and it wasn't the 1990s Up there for Sydney one, it sounded like a more lethargic version with the same...
  2. RilesMacca

    Full Games Request

    Gday, I am wondering if anyone has the following games: 1999 Round 19 Sydney vs North Melbourne 2009 Round 10 Western Bulldogs vs Sydney 2005 Sydney Swans Regular Season Games Cheers
  3. RilesMacca invite code

    Gday, I am wondering if someone has an invite code that I could use to sign up for Cheers EDIT: Just received one nevermind.