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  1. K

    Bring on 2020

    Considering the amount of dead wood on our list and the (same old) injuries, we did well to make the Prelim. How does our list change? Who’s the trade bait? Fact is, as much as we love our boys, with every new year comes change. Goldy, Murray and Wells are gone. Others that need to go...
  2. K

    Our win against the Weagles was the proverbial, “Dead cat bounce”.

    We are in the process of getting skinned alive by a GWS team with their best midfield sitting in the grandstand.... Mediocre players who have had mediocre years continue to get games... Our replacement options appear limited... And the Tigers appear poised to deliver the last rites... Where to...
  3. K

    AFLW. Who gives?

    Is it permissible to give the opinion that AFLW is over-rated drivel? ....that we all have to (fake) excitement, because it’s the socially “right” thing to do? Would anybody cough up 10 bucks and sacrifice 2 hours of their life attending an AFLW scrap? Thank God for the NBA.... and, for the NBL...
  4. K

    List Mgmt. Trade & F/A - 2018/2019 - Part 3

    This is part 3 of the thread. Part 2 can be found here... Mayne is as slow AAF. No chance. He’s a week by week proposition. He knows it. Good on him, he revived a dead career that was about to start decomposing.