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  1. van peebles

    So Moelong, I hear you have a Holy Trinity? Place your bets here (if you dare)...

    You may as well bet on a H/A. You may as well do your balls then rather than during straight sets time.
  2. van peebles

    Ben Cunnington

    Bernie Vince was quoted saying BenTen has a lot of gutz.
  3. van peebles

    Vintage Bay How's Ross Lyin working out for you Failmantle?

    Sam mitchell
  4. van peebles

    Rumour Stewie Dew Not Popular

    Generally only the European ones.
  5. van peebles

    ninthPORT vs 2DOGS.

    Poort. Representing SA because nobody else is good enough. PS. Never recruit anybody with the last name Walker.
  6. van peebles

    Live Chat Live shat: I remember pack’n darkies before the 2015 prelim, today.... not so much!

    If you combine any 8 quarters then yes its thier highest score.
  7. van peebles

    Patrick “8 meter” Crabs!

    So they both have sh*t for brains???
  8. van peebles

    ninthPORT vs 2DOGS.

    His moustache alters his pronunciation of Ps and Bs.
  9. van peebles

    AFL Round 19: Western Bulldogs v Port Adelaide Sunday 3:20pm AEST @ES

    Fotlop deserves a week for that.
  10. van peebles

    ninthPORT vs 2DOGS.

    Fatlop should get a week for that.
  11. van peebles

    Player Watch #10: Ben Cunnington

    Think of paul roos everytime i see cunners play.
  12. van peebles

    Post here if you're on top the AFL ladder and one game clear!

    Stand by and i will check.
  13. van peebles

    (LIVE CHAT) lolNorf vs Wet Toast

    Thats the best condition ive seen warrnambool footy ground in.
  14. van peebles

    ninthPORT vs 2DOGS.

    Doggies by 46 against another soulless sof astrayan team.
  15. van peebles

    STKilda List Manager

    Goodbye everybody.
  16. van peebles

    Are the Giants out of premiership discussion now the double chance is gone? ( 2.0 updated page 17 )

    Can still see us losing 2 if we don't watch ourselves. Couple of blokes have gone past Williams due to time of year. We've learnt to 'win ugly' this year which is a bonus.
  17. van peebles

    STKilda List Manager

    Open your eyes.
  18. van peebles

    I'd like to start an articulate discussion about Steven May

    Yeah he's an overpaid fukstik. Pass the beernuts and lets move on.
  19. van peebles

    Live Chat Melgawn vs Barrelaide

    Who hasnt won in adelaide this year. Ppppfff