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    Game Day Round 23 vs. Bulldogs; Pack Ya' Bags, Cos' We're Going On A Feels Trip

    Here it is folks; D: Day. Back in Round 5 2000, a chubby 18 year old Matthew Pavlich debuted against Melbourne and kicked two goals with his first two kicks. The greatest Fremantle Docker of all time began his incredible career. Today, 17 seasons later, that career comes to an end. We've all...

    List Mgmt. Cam McCarthy Requests Trade to WA

    Instead of derailing two threads, lets keep it all in here. What's everybodies initial reaction? What are we going to need to give up?

    Game Day Fremantle v Port Adelaide Round 23

    Well I don't know about you guys, but I haven't been this pumped for a game since Round 1 v Collingwood. This is a crucial clash and the Dockers of 2013 appear to be back with a vengeance. Bring. It. On. Dockers by 19, and I got a feeling Crozier is really going to step up today. Just...