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  1. Crumpet_avenger

    Employment Painter and Decorator

    Gday all im a professional painter from the eastern suburbs of melbourne. Due to unforseen circumstances for the first time in 20 years of painting im almost out of work. Any jobs small or big are welcome. As i said im very quiet and will paint at very competitive rates...
  2. Crumpet_avenger

    Opinion goodes and buddy

    Okay okay.. before all the racist crap comes out... spare me.. its boring Adam Goodes has warn Lance Franklins number at training to show some support. I dunno why I expect support on a forum because its easy to follow the tide like fish and easy to follow the leader like sheep. However...
  3. Crumpet_avenger

    List Mgmt. McDonough and Arnot delisted

    Apparently they have been given the chop? Thought mcdonough was a bit stiff...