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    The Naughton incident last night interesting. Jumps at the ball to punch it, Cats player leaves it late, leaves the ground and cannons into his ribs. Naughton out for the rest of the game. I’m not holding my breath, but a late bump forcing a player out of the game is surely weeks? Just because...
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    Roast Is it time for Michael Christian to go

    I’m just bemused Gerard Whately and David King were calling for blood on 360 tonight re McKay, yet Whately waved through the Danger hit on Vlaustin in the Granny last year. To me that was far more egregious, taking a blokes head off with an elbow, but “it was all part of the contest” in the...
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    Analysis Some Rather Eyebrow Raising Free Kick Facts...

    Has anyone read Michael Warner’s book, The Boys Club? It brutally highlights the corruption of the AFL in manipulating political outcomes to their best political and financial interests. Anyone who thinks their influence wouldn’t extend to on-field results is kidding themselves. Hocking’s...
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    Dees really do look like the real deal. Have to admit they’ve been impressive. Finals pressure will be interesting…………
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    Is there snow at Buller in Victoria? The downhill skiing has begun…………
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    Can someone explain to me……..I thought the new Stand Rule meant you cannot hand over the man on the mark to a teammate? Happy to be corrected, but this is definitely not being enforced if my hunch is correct.
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    Injury Rioli & Bolton involved in nightclub incident. Shai broken wrist, 2 to 3 weeks.

    Can someone explain to me how Lachie Hunter was fined and suspended by his club - yet no AFL sanction at all? $100k+ damage and criminal charge - yet head office did nothing? Compared to Bolton this is laughable. $20k for a fracas. Maybe Tiges themselves should have fined Bolton - and held the...
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    Preview Round 11, Richmond vs Adelaide. Sunday 2:10pm, GIANTS Stadium

    Thanks Scomo…………..
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    Preview Round 11, Richmond vs Adelaide. Sunday 2:10pm, GIANTS Stadium

    Who is the 7th defender? Baker?
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    Game Day 2021 R10 Brisbane vs Richmond 7.50pm, Gabba

    If someone doesn’t go full atomic at the AFL about the free kick numbers I’m going to explode. FFS - 26-12 and this is unwatchable. Loved the post earlier in the week - imagine changing the rules in the NBL to stop the Bulls? Shocking’s conflict of interest is so egregious it’s insane.
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    I actually think making people stand forces the boring chip game. Cutting off angles by moving on the mark puts the ball into more contested situations which I think is actually more exciting. And as for higher scoring? Pffft.
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    Acme Dusty.
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    Game Day Round 7 2021: Richmond vs Western Bulldogs MCG 7.50pm

    I’m representing Mansell at the Fair Work Commission for bullying. Last week hit in the face and penalised by umpires for an infringement, and tonight hits the Bont in the side and free against. This is repeated behaviour against fairness and penalised for no reason at all. If that’s not...
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    Watching the AFLW just makes me wonder why the hell you would invest so heavily in a ruckman in the AFL? The last touch rule for boundary line will surely come into the men’s game. In my mind the new stand rule won’t get rid of congestion - it most likely will create more as teams flood back to...
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    Autopsy Rd5 Roast & Toast vs St Kilda & Changes for Melbourne Rd6

    Marlion in the ruck? Admittedly against a soft kill - but have we discovered something tonight? We won clearances with him - an extra midfielder at the stoppage really. Tactically fantastic, can really leap and a new string in our bow. Cudos to the coaches - saw a weakness and nailed it. Moving...
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    Game Day Round 4 2021: Port Adelaide vs Richmond Adelaide Oval 7.50pm AEST

    Martyn pushed in the back with the kick? No frees for debutants?
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    This umpiring is criminal. I didn’t think umps could get any worse as the season progresses - they should be getting better. But Bombers are being slaughtered here.
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    Strategy STAND rule

    Just waiting for the flood to come back. The game will look like soccer - let the defenders chip the ball around at will, but crossing the centre they will have to traverse 16 defenders who hope for turnover and quick slingshot to the other end. Sydney had an extra man behind the ball for most...
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    Autopsy Rd3 Roast & Toast vs Sydney & Changes for Port Adelaide Rd4

    Last three pages..........10 minutes of my life I won’t get back.............
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    List Mgmt. Rebuild or refresh?

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Matt Rowell looks like Buzz Lightyear? (Ok - It could be the whisky talking tonight?)