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    Thank God for Rawlings

    Had the same amount of possessions as Stevens (17), did four times as much with them. His effort was better than Stevo and Simpson combined. Nothing beats skills, and we couldn't today. Hats off to Baird and Petrie when he was on, much better than Burton. Pagan was killed today, absolutely...
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    The time is now!

    There should be no more pussy footing around, the Roos have to get serious and change the side. We can definately limp through this season and alright, but who wants to be involved in mediocrity. Makepeace and Clayton are two great examples. One is too short to play a key defence role, and he...
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    Danny Harris

    If we need any evidence as to why he should be in the team, have a look at the ball ups of the first quarter. In almost every contest he got his hands on the ball first. Pity about the bump, but I think that attack showed his worth.
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    Star Wars movie

    Just a quick note on the new Star Wars movie for the Bigfooty crew. After our indifferent form, my excitment has grown for the new movie and last night I finally got to see it. AWESOME! The movie is fantastic, the first half is not boring like some have said but is interesting with the...
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    Skills (part 2) + Game Plan

    Told you so! Sorry, had to say it. But what can we do? Lots of short passing drills, designated kickers, or new players? Personally I think a lot of it has to do with our game plan. Pagan just doesn't seem to know what to do these days and I am wondering whether he has it in him to...
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    Rough match-ups for Hawks

    Having had a decent look at this weeks teams (B4 selection), I think that the main match - ups will look a little like this : HAWTHORN Thompson Dixon McCartney Archer...
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    The skills ...

    I thought I would bring up my age old beef with the team and see what you all thought, the skills! There is no doubt that we are a hard team, and guys like Byron, Boomer and Motlop have great skills, but our midfield kicking is rather poor. As good as Stevo and Simpson have been, their...
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    Murray Roos Report

    Unfortunately we lost today. It was only a matter of ten minutes in the second quarter that lead to our demise, the rest of the game being pretty even all round. Only One change for the team tomorrow, IN: Morrell, OUT: Jones. We didn't really play all that well. We seemed to muck around...
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    Junior Motlop

    I am interested to hear peoples opinions on this guy. Having read some posts this week, some have been less than enthousiastic about his senior chances. Have we all forgotten that he played his first game for the year, practice or otherwise, two weeks ago? I have him as a definite for our...
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    Same old Same old

    This actually has two parts. The first is a long running problem, the second a problem this year. FIRST The Roos will never beat Sydney as long as they continue to fall for the Swans running game. Sydney designate one player per contested situation to be just off the ball to gain an...
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    We will NEVER beat them!

    We will never beat the Swans in Sydney, never. We should put the MK's in because we will never beat them. The bad thing is that Motlop will be gone for the season, confidence shot, while Stevo has hurt his knee and will miss a couple. F@#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Talent v. Tactics

    I found that there were two reasons why we lost the game. And pretty much all of it rests with Denis. Unfortunately I was unable to post last week, so some things have to do with last weeks as well, as we played like dogs (pardon the pun) last week as well. 1. Midfield Match - ups When...
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    Still to come

    Yeah we won. But we still have to look forward too : - Stevo and Colbert reaching peak fitness after injury interrupted pre-seasons - The return of Blakey and Martyn to the defence - The addition of two gun juniors in Harris and D.Motlop, the later certain to make the team after...
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    Roo Joeys come up trumps!

    I don't think that the Roos have had this much to shout about when it comes to young guys for quite a while. Baird, Robbins, Jones, Cochrane, Harding and Sinclair all played their parts tonight, while Watt started to feel his way around CHF. Coupled with the MK match today, in which Crowe...
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    MK's Praccy game - HARRIS!

    We won, well I think we did. I had to go about five minutes before the end and we were in front by about 30 points so I take it we won. By the way HARRIS PLAYED!!! I can only assume then that either Harding or Clayton will take his spot as neither played. Danny boy must have done something...
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    Anyone know RD 1 team?

    Due to the crap AFL site, can't find teams. Anyone?
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    Would you accept Carey back?

    It has been a couple of days now and I have calmed a little. Watching the news tonite, it was mentioned that some senior players will visit Carey to see how he is. It also mentioned the possibility of discussing his future. This leads to an interesting proposition, would you have him back...
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    When is praccy match?

    The subject title is suffice. Not sure if Saturday or Sunday.
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    Player Ratings

    I thought I would do ratings after each game for a bit of a change. So here we go: - Colbert - Shut down Holland and looked OK. (8) - Rawlings - Saw the ball a lot but looked panicky (5) - Martyn - Kept Thompson out of it. (8) - Grant - Looked slow and made a lot of errors. (5) -...
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    Youth and balance

    A number of times I have read people's remarks about young players and thei inability to be effective this year. The fact is, we only need a couple to stand up for the team to make a big leap this year. Consider this team : Archer Martyn Blakey McCartney Colbert King Simpson Grant...