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  1. Iva Bigun

    Connor McKenna may be coming back, how many 1st rounders will Essendon want?

    So Connor says he may not be done and may come back in the mid season draft. Dodo will be on the case, how many firsts is he demand?
  2. Iva Bigun

    Think Tank The return of the paper bag?

    Has Carlton become the “must play for club” of the last couple of years or has the paper bag returned ? Players that have nominated Carlton recently McGovan Jack Martin Adam Saad Tom Papley Zac Williams All players that would have multiple suitors but yet ALL have nominated the Bloos, sus or...
  3. Iva Bigun

    Locker room sale

    It’s on people
  4. Iva Bigun

    Getting to know the GC

    Hi all as many of you may know I only recently moved back to the GC after many years away and would love some advice that I’m sure other Suns fans could use as well, I’m thinking such things as ( I’ll get it started) restaurants, George’s at Sanctuary Cove picnic spots, HOTA on a Sunday...
  5. Iva Bigun

    Universal Love BF suns get together

    Hey peeps with my move to the coast officially signed off the family will be heading to live at our Mermaid Beach property in late January. as I haven’t lived in the coast for a long time I am thinking of having a little get together at the Mermaid Beach bowls club. I would love to start my...
  6. Iva Bigun

    Roast Perceived Anti-Suns Agenda in the Media

    Inspired by Sandytoes, If you’ve had it with these peanuts write all your cringeworthy commentator and media comments here. Time to hold them to account.
  7. Iva Bigun

    Gaz the ultimate family man

    So Gaz pleads to be let out of his contract as he desperately needs to be with his family. Fair enough with the death of his sister and his father struggling. so where do we find him a week after the funeral? On a month long basketball tour of the US, hanging out with KD and the TNT crew all...
  8. Iva Bigun

    2017 Membership Tally

    Depressing start but add 5 to this after today
  9. Iva Bigun

    Opinion Looking to bet on the Suns to make the 8, magic or tragic

    So I am thinking of putting a $1000 on the Suns making the 8 next year , its current paying $3:50 So who thinks it's a prudent investment and who has a bridge they would like to sell me?
  10. Iva Bigun

    Who will be the next Suns coach

    My mob don't seem to be in any hurry to appoint and the list of contenders is dwindling quickly, who do you think will be the next Suns coach
  11. Iva Bigun

    Club Champion Dinner

    Ok, so who else is going and what table are you on, I am on 27 this year. We should all catch up in the foyer for a drink and intro session, anyone going to be the official BF poster for the night to supply others with a running tally?
  12. Iva Bigun

    Club Champion tickets on sale

    Email to members came out today for pre-sale of tickets to the Champions dinner, I suggest you check your inbox. Booked mine, look forward to catching up with SUNS, Bigredmachine etc on the night again
  13. Iva Bigun

    Swans to be AFL's No1 side?

    If this result from the AFL's survey is correct Sydney can lay claim to being in the top half of the most highly followed clubs in the country, equal to Geelong and more followed than, 9 other sides in the AFL. For years we have been hearing that Sydney is a failed experiment and investing in...
  14. Iva Bigun

    Famous Supporters of Essenscums drugs stand

  15. Iva Bigun

    Awkward Football pics

    As a bit of fun I thought I would post this pic of a youngish KB, they say he never handballed and this pic tends to prove it, have you ever seen a guy look less like he knew what he was doing. PS, Rocking the knitted jumper and schoolboy shorts there KB
  16. Iva Bigun

    List Mgmt. Suns draft position over the next 2 years

    From the Suns website, helps clarify our draft postion for the next couple of years. A prized round-one selection in this year’s national draft will have the Gold Coast SUNS benefit from having Geelong finish lower on the Premiership Ladder this season. Gold Coast’s list & strategy manager...
  17. Iva Bigun

    Josh Toy wants to get back to the AFL

    I have a lot of time for Emma Quayle usually but this piece on Josh Toy and how he was hard done by at the Suns seems to conveniently forget that Josh was offered a 1 year contract and refused it, it was ONLY then that he was released as a free agent to try and help him get to the club of his...
  18. Iva Bigun

    And who will it be ????

    To help fill out the long off season, here is a question I pick Lonergan
  19. Iva Bigun

    NBA 2K14

    Anyone else playing this game After many attempts I finally managed to get picked up at No2 in the draft and am now working my way through the season as the point guard for the Orlando Magic. Any tips would be welcome especially on where to best spend my precious SP.
  20. Iva Bigun

    JOM rising star, Zac community award can Gaz make it 3 for the Suns

    4 rounds to go and Gaz is leading, I don't know if he can hold on but either way he is a champion. Can he do it?