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  1. LukasTheGreat

    Trades Round 14 trades

    Mcdonald back effect Hall? Surely he takes half his cheapies.
  2. LukasTheGreat

    Trades Round 14 trades

    His eyes are f’ed so any night games he can't see sh*t and plays like sh*t. Look how many night games they have.
  3. LukasTheGreat

    Round Round 13 Matchday Discussion - F*** the Byes edition

    Ceglar started hot. Probably hot enough to push Reeves out for another week. Sorry holders.
  4. LukasTheGreat

    Trades Round 13 trades....

    Reeves out
  5. LukasTheGreat

    Trades Round 13 trades....

    Alot jumping on Newcombe. Is that just a pair of legs during the byes or are we actually expecting some JS + cash?
  6. LukasTheGreat

    Trades Round 13 trades....

    Have 2 fwd spots left. I reckon Poulter + Weightman are fine in F5 + F6 until Marshall + danger are firing.
  7. LukasTheGreat

    Review Dogs Lose to Demons by 28 - Rd 11, 2021

    They were the better team all night, no point dwelling on what ifs.
  8. LukasTheGreat

    Captains Round 11 C/VC

    Heart tells me pull the trigger on Oliver/Bont VC but head tells me Gawn. Will be super hard to enjoy the game tonight if Gawn goes ham and he isn't your VC.
  9. LukasTheGreat

    Multiplat NieR Replicant ver. 1.224...

    Yes. Loved it.
  10. LukasTheGreat

    Game Day Round 8 v Blues - The Discomboblueation

    i reckon that's game. gonna get ugly imo.
  11. LukasTheGreat

    Best AFL debuts; one-hit wonders or stars in the making?
  12. LukasTheGreat

    Trades Round 8 Trades

    So he's injury prone?
  13. LukasTheGreat

    Trades Round 8 Trades

    glad for the early shout atleast
  14. LukasTheGreat

    Toast JJ The Roadrunner

    Watched a bit of the all-star game from last year yesterday and, although that thing was a glorified practice match, JJ was explosive. Launching from the half back and delivering onto the chest of forwards time and time again. I've got a feeling it's less JJ, and more our setup that hindering...
  15. LukasTheGreat

    Trades Round 8 Trades

    Chapman + Rowe > May + Frederick. Cox > Ridley next week.
  16. LukasTheGreat

    Round Round 7 Matchday Discussion

    What's up with players being locked before the SC timer runs down? Just tried to C grundy with 30 seconds ont he countdown and no bueno.
  17. LukasTheGreat

    Autopsy Dogs lose to Tigers - Rd 7, 2021

    Not much positives but Daniel was back to his best tonight. 34 touches @ 91% efficiency.
  18. LukasTheGreat

    Trades Round 7 Trades

    Traded in Impey, hardly inspired by it. FWDs are sh*t this year.
  19. LukasTheGreat

    Trades Round 6 Trades

    Kelly hasn't produced more than a month of decent scores since he west to west coast. no thanks.