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  1. Grogg

    Backpacker raped, kept captive throughout Queensland for several weeks, police say

    A far north Queensland man faces multiple counts of rape and strangulation after being found hiding in a four-wheel drive being driven by his alleged victim, being held against her will for several weeks. Key points: British backpacker, 22, allegedly held against her will between early January...
  2. Grogg

    MVP Votes vs Sobraves

    3 JMac 2 Taz 1 Ummmmm...Godly. Edit:Umm slightly better than Goldy, but the bigfella gets it on a technicality.
  3. Grogg

    TV Catastrophe

    First episode tonight on Aunty and it didn't disappoint. Some of the funniest dialogue in an English comedy since Peep Show first exploded onto our screens. The description and disgust in Chris' recounting of his wife giving birth was priceless. Looking forward to Episode 2. Anybody else catch...
  4. Grogg

    List Mgmt. Goldstein talks ramp up

  5. Grogg

    MVP Votes vs Caaaarlton

    3. Thomas 2. Ziebell 1. Petrie
  6. Grogg

    MVP Rd 2 - Votes vs Geelong

    3. Swallow 2. Bastinac 1. Thomas