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  1. Cyrillic

    Game Day Richmond v West Coast Eagles, Round 22 - 13:10 AEST, Aug 18, 2019

    And it permeates to their supporters
  2. Cyrillic

    AFL 2017 - R12 - Collingwood v Melbourne - 15:20 AEST MCG

    I think Collingwood missed Taylor Adams. His precise kicking would have been an asset today. The guy should learn the definition of success before before potting others.
  3. Cyrillic

    Geelong vs Collingwood - Round 22, 2015

    This is on the mark. Major rebuild required. Dangerfield and who ever else might come into the team is pretty much just covering cracks. The Geelong list is seriously unbalanced. Personally, I hope they hold onto all of the older blokes.
  4. Cyrillic

    Crows v Cats - AAMI Stadium - 3:20PM East Horsham Time - 2:50PM West Horsham (local) Time

    Anyone think we'll see shots of c scott swallowing flies today. :rolleyes: