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  1. TBellicious

    Racing Comp: Spring 2020 Crystal Ball

    Hello punters, Welcome to the Crystal Ball competition. The rules are as follows: - 13 races - one horse per race - same horse can be repeated - entries are submitted all at once - entries accepted up until the Friday before the George Main - 3 points will be received if their selection wins...
  2. TBellicious

    Cricket World Cup

    I’m starting a punters club for the Cricket World Cup and was surprised to see a thread hasn’t been started yet. We’re keen to bet against Sri Lanka in every game at this stage. Anyone like anything?
  3. TBellicious

    Racing Derby Day

    The thread for the best raceday in Australia.
  4. TBellicious

    Dylan Grimes

    Appreciation thread. He’s better at being Alex Rance than Alex Rance. Tough, intercepts, uses it well, good one-on-one. Got everything. :star:
  5. TBellicious

    Sir Steven Smith

    The thread dedicated to the best batsman in the world today, and a future top 5 batsman of all time. Sir Steven Smith.
  6. TBellicious

    Racing Derby Day 2017

    We usually have a dedicated thread, so I’ll get in early because someone needs to make it!
  7. TBellicious

    Rumour Rory Sloane coming back to Victoria?

    The Zanotti Files on Facebook, who pay people to gather inside info and are usually reliable, have stated that he might look to come home. Saints reportedly keen.
  8. TBellicious

    Jackson Trengove to the Bulldogs as a FA?

    To the bulldogs via free agency.
  9. TBellicious

    Rumour Buckley coach, Roos his mentor

    Expect Buckley to coach the Pies next year (2 year deal) with Paul Roos being his 'mentor'.
  10. TBellicious

    Thursday night final

    Yet again, the AFL have no interest in the opinion of the fans and consumers. But instead will have a Thursday night final again just for their own financial gain.
  11. TBellicious

    Universal Love Army announces his retirement - Thanks Dennis

    As expected, he's retiring at years end. Announced through email to members.
  12. TBellicious

    TV The almighty, all conquering Sunday Footy Show

    Without a doubt the best football show on TV. Perfect balance of humour, banter, debate and analysis. It's very very good
  13. TBellicious

    Superfooty's laughable attempt at a best 22 in the 21st Century Rance over Leppitsch Pendlebury over Buckley Brown over Lloyd Stevie J over Aker Harvey on the field over Black Some head...
  14. TBellicious

    Scandal Vickery and King: Victoria Police investigating AFL players over extortion, threats to kill & injure EDIT: Former Richmond AFL player Jake...
  15. TBellicious

    Video Footy Fan TV

    Hi all, I would just like to direct your attention to a new thing that some of my friends are working on called 'Footy Fan TV' It is similar to Arsenal Fan TV where fans are interviewed outside the stadium after a win/loss. As always there are some deluded fans and some extremely pessimistic...
  16. TBellicious

    Rumour De Goey in a gooey situation

    Collingwood have released a statement saying that Jordan De Goey broke his hand 'playing with his dog' on the weekend. The actual story is he broke his hand in a fight at his own 21st. He is a loose cannon and it isn't his first incident like this.
  17. TBellicious

    Racing Melbourne Cup 2017

    Discussion for the greatest race on earth Probably too early but oh well! Wonder if Jameka will have another go
  18. TBellicious

    Rumour Busted Rockliff will be a Demon

    MELB: Rockliff, 19, mid 30s BRIS: Dunn, 2017 Rnd 1, 29
  19. TBellicious

    Rumour Jordan Lewis to leave also

    Reportedly to the Dees