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  1. arupist

    iiNet - anyone having trouble?

    Is anyone else having trouble with these shitbags? I have been a customer for over 6 years and have found the service levels really falling away over the past 18 months. You call the support people and they are very polite and often quite helpful. The problem is, when they screw up (and it...
  2. arupist

    Food & Drink Favourite Beers

    Just reading an article in The Age that mentioned a decision to restore the original alcohol content to Victoria Bitter. It started me thinking about how things have changed over the years. In my younger days, my absolute favourite was Carlton Draught - as long as it was poured from a tap...
  3. arupist

    Rate our Tradeweek

    Trade Scorecard We get: David Hale Kyle Cheney Pick 66 We Lose: Campbell Brown Pick 71 Overall, this does not look too bad. However, one can only ponder what might have been.
  4. arupist

    Toast Cyril "Pele" Rioli

    Cyril's goal definitely worth it's own thread. Hope someone can post a You Tube vid. Never thought Buddy's second running goal v Essendon would or could be beaten for GOTY, but Cyril's today certainly has to go close.
  5. arupist

    News Gippsland Hawks

    Interesting article from Ken Piesse. Looking back over the football goldmine that is Gippsland. Some great Hawk players mentioned in this article. =359&tx_ttnews[backPid]=1&cHash=4ba36e0513"]Favourite Sons From Gippsland "Gary Ayres, Gary Ablett, Peter Knights... it's a real constellation of...