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  1. Badesumofu

    Sicily ACL

    fu** fu** fu** fukc What a shitty piece of news. And a shitty way to do an ACL - with a couple of minutes to go in a match that is already lost. And the timing - 12 months from now the 2021 H&A season will be nearly over, means he'll do well to play before 2022. What a horrible year and...
  2. Badesumofu

    Solved Limiting number of threads a new user can create.

    Has limiting the number of threads a new user can create been considered? There is a particular poster who has recently joined and within 142 posts total has created maybe 8 or so completely redundant/stupid/incoherent threads on the main board. This particular poster seems to think that the...
  3. Badesumofu

    Round 6: Essendon vs GWS Giants

    Bit late for a preview. Love the way GWS are going about it so far. Hope they can keep it up for the whole game. GWS 3.0.18 Ess 0.2.2
  4. Badesumofu

    Canada - Smart non-use of the Bowling Powerplay

    I thought it very interesting that the commentators were convinced that Canada had forgotten to take it. Think about it - there is no way Australia will bat 50 overs in this match. By 45 overs they will have either won or been bowled out. So why would the bowling side take the powerplay at all...
  5. Badesumofu

    Idea: To Win a Series, a Team Must Win a Majority of Scheduled Matches

    I had this thought after Australia lost the ODI series 1 - 0 as a result of two of the matches being washed out. It seems a bit silly to me to say that Australia lost a series, given that series consisted of a single match. So I thought, maybe a bilateral series should be considered to have...
  6. Badesumofu

    Cyril! A huge highlight for us against the Dogs ...

    He's been a huge highlight for us today, really stunning performance. We're going to lose, but there have been some positive signs. We were actually well ahead in hitouts in the first half - we're getting carved up now. 7 - 2 in clearences, they just said, for this qtr. I really hope Bailey...
  7. Badesumofu

    Brayshaw on TSFS - more deluded than North fans on Big Footy

    Brayshaw is more deluded than many of the North fans on Big Footy. He doesn't know why Gibson wants to leave, he won't even admit that Gibson does want to leave ("he hasn't said that", spoken in response to Crawf's protestation that Gibson doesn't want to be at North anymore.) and he reckons...
  8. Badesumofu

    It will improve

    Buddy is really coming alive this term! Great to see. I have been watching the victory pack lately, and watchnig it has really driven home to me just how good this team can play. Now, in all fairness we only have 13 of our Premiership team playing at the moment. We have some young kids out...
  9. Badesumofu

    Mark Williams - Knee

    He has been looking pretty dejected on the bench. Any info on the nature of the injury? Doesn't look good.
  10. Badesumofu

    Max Bailey (knee) - 1-2 weeks

    Just saw this on our injury list posted on AFL website! Obviously won't come straight into the senior side, but the possibility of him playing VFL within the month brings a smile to my face. I think this guy could be...
  11. Badesumofu

    Brendan Whitecross!: A real star across our half-back line ...

    He seems to be all over the ground. Great pass to Dew just now, a brilliant tackle to prevent a certain goal earlier too. He is using it really well, and seems to be everywhere. This guy could be a real star across half-back.
  12. Badesumofu

    We Beat Every Team in the Comp

    Yep, not a single team managed to avoid losing to Hawthorn this year. In three finals, we thrashed three teams we had lost to during the Home and Awaay season. We also went 1 and 1 vs Richmond and North. Bogey team? I think not. WE BEAT EVERYONE. NO ONE ELSE DID. No Buddy, no Hawthorn? HAHA...
  13. Badesumofu

    How You Became a Hawk!

    Sorry if there's already a thread like this - I did a search, and then looked through this board a bit, and I didn't find one. So, how did you each become Hawk fans? Here's my story, I think it's a pretty good one. I was born in the morning on February 16th 1984. My Uncle is a mad Hawks...