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    News Rule Change Imminent?

    Two games in and the pockets of the channel seven executives are not lined with gold? What rule changes will the rules committee introduce quickly before game three? No Tackling? Zones? Power Plays? Super Goals from 40m with 2 minute ad breaks? ........ Really wondering what’s going to happen
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    Rule changes or longer breaks

    If the AFL are so committed to making more money for their tv rights holders, why don’t they just increase the amount of time between goals from 30 seconds to 45 seconds/1 minute? Yes this will add around 10 minutes to the length of games but at least we won’t have to put up with stupid rule...
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    Contact below the knees... Time to go!

    Worst rule ever brought in! We need to protest this anti AFL rule! What ever happened to lower and harder..... Band together and get rid of this sh*t!
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    Petition to bring Dustys dad home!

    Surely no MP could say no to 500,000+ people, let's show them what the tiger army is all about!
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    Strategy Give 110% to have Damian Hardwick sacked

    To sign this petition you need to provide: 1. Full Name(s) on Membership(s) or just your Full Name if you are not a member 2. The membership(s) you currently hold 3. Any action you will take with your membership if Hardwick isn't sacked. 4. If you are willing to contribute more to the club if...
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    Prediction 5 years

    The club will fold in 5 years if significant changes are not made in the very near future. The membership drop-off will be huge next year if Hardwick continues and we don't make any major signings (even if we sign Prestia I expect little resistance). If Hardwick coaches us to another shocking...
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    VFL Richmond vs Frankston - Punt Road Oval 30 July 2016

    losing 7-0 to Frankston according to Twitter
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    Strategy We need a manager!

    We need to employ a new structure where the senior coaches and players are all accountable to one person, and ultimately that person is accountable for the club's ongoing performance. For example, a senior coach may be under pressure to get results so they play older players who are either...
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    Roast What do we do?

    So our coach has finally conceded that the season is over.... Team selection this week has just become extremely important in relation to the future of this club that promised its supporters a full rebuild. If we get to the selection table this week and minimal changes are made and/or players...
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    Roast Depth is not the issue

    It is probably the most used line about our club when we lose games because Deledio, Rance, other star player isn't playing.... "We have no depth" A statement that suggests we can't cover injuries and therefore struggle as a result. The truth is no team can cover the loss of a top end talent...
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    Roast Minority or majority

    Are you a vocal minority and believe the club needs a serious overhaul or a quiet majority and believe the club is in safe hands with sound management
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    Roast Forcing the hand

    i think we all know what is going to happen. Hardwick will coach out the year occasionally giving young players an opportunity and we'll come into next year and still be sh*t. We need to do everything we can to force the clubs hand and make the staff adjustments it needs. I don't think a mass...
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    Roast Petition to overthrow the board

    You all refused to vote for the newbies in the election but unfortunately you were all wrong. We need an overhaul and now, this is a ******* disgrace and we cannot accept it after 6 years.
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    Strategy 22-0 the comeback

    After a treacherous start to the season we look all but certain to finish bottom of the ladder this season going 1-2 in the first 3 rounds. With our backs to the wall and a convenient visit to Domain our real home ground can we turn our fortune around on the back of some up and coming stars...
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    Players on your list that would get a game anywhere?

    As the title says which players from your club would get a game at any other AFL club (or all but one or two). You can also do other clubs if you wish.
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    Autopsy Equalisation - please explain AFL

    If your a Hawthorn supporter don't bother posting. Estimated values of Hawthorns players playing today (modest). Hodge - 700k Mitchell - 700k Gunston - 600k Lewis - 600k Roughead - 600k Rioli - 500k Frawley - 500k (actual contract) Lake - 500k (when available for FA was suggested he would...
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    Autopsy Hardwick

    From a neutral perspective how long should Hardwick get to turn around Richmonds form? He is contracted to the end of 2016. I think if we are 2-8 by the bye, a likely proposition on current form, he is gone.
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    Roast Petition to sack Hardwick

    It's time. I'm putting down 5 memberships. When the thread gets to 500 I'll start a register and we can record membership numbers. Hardwick has to go, the only reason players handball too much, kick down the boundary and don't take risks is a coaches instructions. We need change now. Please...
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    Prediction 18-0 the comeback

    Thought I'd start earlier this year to help our chances of making top 4. The chips have not fallen in our favour so far but with the potential for a key player to return each week for the next month or so we can really start to build with a smashing of Geelong this week and win every game for...
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    Preview 15-0 The Comeback!

    I have been one of the most negative posters on this board this season, and while a lot of my negativity has had merit I think it is time to set a positive focus for the board. As we have a bye coming up I thought it was a good time to start a thread based on the remainder of the season...