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  1. Drummond

    Random Australian Test Cricketers

    So who are the random Australian test cricketers over the last 15-20 years? The ones where you’re like, ‘Did they really represent Australia?’ Yes, yes they did. I’ll start off with Bryce McGain. Expand on your nomination as much or as little as you like. Fire away.
  2. Drummond

    Opinion Luke Brown

    When is it time to move Mr. Vanilla on? He’s probably still got a few years left, but we’re years off competing again, so why don’t we shop him around? You might get lucky and get a 2nd rounder for him. Take what you can get. Games should be put into Butts and Sholl rather than this...
  3. Drummond

    Paris-Nice 2020

    Started tonight and well, this is going to be interesting. Ineos, CCC Team, Mitchelton-Scott, Movistar, Astana, UAE Team Emirate and Jumbo-Visma have pulled out due to coronavirus concerns. Still exciting nonetheless.
  4. Drummond

    2020 Tour Down Under

    Starts tomorrow. Pretty keen for this, been counting down the days. Goes through the Barossa tomorrow, will be a beautiful stage. Weather forecast pretty mild all week, with rain predicted Thursday. Any predictions as to who’ll take the overall title?
  5. Drummond

    2019 UCI World Road Championships

    Men’s individual time trial tonight. Will Roahn Dennis take the title? Should be well rested after his TDF walkabout. It’s being televised on Fox Sports, with the ITT starting at 10 AEST.
  6. Drummond

    Roast Bryce Gibbs

    Can’t stand him. Genuinely does not care out there. Doesn’t give a stuff. Doesn’t get out of a jog. Shouldn’t be selected again until it seems like he cares. Doubt that’ll happen. Can play out his career at suburban grounds.
  7. Drummond

    TV The Unit

    Thoughts on this show? Love TV shows, and particularly starting new ones. I like most shows, with my 3 favourite shows probably being 24, Fringe and the Office. I certainly enjoy a bit of a mixture. As for this show, haven't ever seen it but have heard a bit about it, and mostly quite positive...
  8. Drummond

    'Standing room' ticket, anyone have an insight?

    Hi guys. I'm sure some of you have had standing room before, but for an event like the GF, I have some questions. If anyone could answer these it'd be a tremendous help :) How many standing areas are there at the G? Like is it behind most bays/only a select few bays? How early do you need to...
  9. Drummond

    Brodie Smith

    Don't really know what else to say. Genuinely shattered. Can't even begin to think how he's feeling right now.
  10. Drummond

    TV The X-Files

    There was a thread for the show like 10 years ago, so I thought it was worthy of a new one. I never watched this growing up. Even though I've always appreciated sci-fi, I never gave it a run and was never really interested in doing so. That was until recently when they had a sale on DVD’S so I...
  11. Drummond

    Toast Adam Tomlinson

    Hey guys. Really wanted to give some kudos to Tomlinson who to me made a super consistent start to the year. There was a bit of speculation (what’s new?) around his future middle of last year but since cementing his spot in the side I think he’s gone from strength to strength. He was fantastic...
  12. Drummond

    Play Nice Toby Greene

    How good is this guy? Sure opposition fans love to hate him, but he is a class act. All-Australian last year, and continued with the form early in 2017. Saw first hand last week how hard he works and it made me appreciate him all the more. Kicked 5 today, but it's the way he always finds the...
  13. Drummond

    Tex Walker; what an inspiration (now with poll)

    What a leader. What a reliable shot for goal. What a presence. What a gun. Love him. None of what I said was said with any truth. The guy is a joke. Too busy searching for contact, too busy wanting frees. Start working, start leading, start looking hungry for the contest, start looking like...
  14. Drummond

    Colin Sylvia

    Remember the rumour a few years ago that he wanted to come to Adelaide? Well I'm not sure the truth to that rumour, it obviously didn't happen, but what would you make of the Crows targeting him now? He's 26, so has about 5 years left of quality footy left in him, and has incredible potential...
  15. Drummond

    Is Cale Morton the worst player.....ever?

    :o :o :o Mick Malthouse gone off at him a few times today, quite enjoyable. :D
  16. Drummond

    How many will Schoenmakers concede this week?

    :o Should've tipped Geelong, purely because Hawthorn have Schoenmakers.
  17. Drummond

    The Fray - Scars And Stories

    The Fray released their 3rd album a week or so ago, I picked it up over the weekend and I have to say, absolutely spectacular. I love this band, no doubt some will whine and say there isn’t much change from album to album, but I think they’re fantastic and this album is another rock solid...
  18. Drummond

    2012 Australian Open: Part 3

    Perhaps, but until we hear from him when he is asked about it, can't really say anything with authority. They have met 3 times at the Slams, 3-0 in favour of Djokovic and all 3 were 3 setters... :D Can't really disagree with this.
  19. Drummond

    TV Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman

    Finally this show is back on TV!!! I remember watching this show as a very young kid and I really enjoyed it. It’s been off the air for a long time and I’ve always wondered when it’d come back and whether I’d still enjoy it. I always find it fascinating thinking back to shows you watched when...
  20. Drummond

    2012 World Junior Championships

    Starts tomorrow!! :thumbsu: There is a game on tomorrow at 8:30am EST on Eurosport. Last year they only showed Canada in the preliminary round and I believe they will be doing the same. I am annoyed though, because they will again be giving first preference to the Spengler Cup and we only get...