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  1. GarnerSmash

    Project Rebuild - NMFC 2023 and Beyond

    Let’s do a bit of an experiment, using data that we have on hand. What will the NMFC list look like in three years, at this point in 2023? Who will be gone and who will remain? In doing this it exposed to me the biggest strengths and weaknesses in our list, and perhaps will point to what our...
  2. GarnerSmash

    News North's Bold Plan

    Yowzers!! North Melbourne will boast the biggest and best inner-city training complex in Melbourne under an ambitious plan submitted to the Victorian government. Under North's proposal, its Arden St headquarters' footprint would grow from 4.5ha to 11.2ha and would be upgraded to include: - An...
  3. GarnerSmash

    Fixture, Form and Ladder 2017

    6 games in and the comp is starting to settle into the season now, with teams starting to settle into their relative positions on the ladder. We are 1-5 however I think the consensus is that we have played better footy than our record suggests. As such I though it a good time to do a bit of a...
  4. GarnerSmash

    News Norths Strong Result

    For the eighth time in nine years, North Melbourne has recorded a profit. The club recorded a net operating profit of $470,046, while again reducing the club’s overall debt by a further $400,000 in the last financial year. Managing Director and CEO Carl Dilena said North Melbourne was in a...
  5. GarnerSmash

    2017 Milestones

    Jack Ziebell 147 games 150 games in Round 3 vs GWS in Hobart Lindsay Thomas 196 games 200 games in Round 4 vs Western Bulldogs at Etihad Ben Cunnington 145 games 150 games in Round 5 vs Fremantle in Perth Lachlan Hansen 138 games 150 games in Round 13 vs St. Kilda at Ethiad Robbie Tarrant 84...
  6. GarnerSmash

    Prediction Four to the Fore

    In what is going to be a year of significant transition for the North Melbourne Football club it is clear that the team needs players to stand up and make a name for themselves, to get over the losses of club stalwarts and to announce themselves as genuine talents of the competition. In this...
  7. GarnerSmash

    AFL Purchase Etihad Stadium

    Purple running with the AFL agreeing to purchase Etihad before the end of the year which should remove the drain of revenue from clubs based there. Intradasting...
  8. GarnerSmash

    List Mgmt. North: Where is the list really at?

    Thinking about list development strategies and analysis I thought it might be an idea to put out list into groups of players, categorised by their importance to the team in terms of being a core part of our next flag. The caveat on this being that we are likely to plateau/drop before we...
  9. GarnerSmash

    Review Did Scotts throw a black cat through a mirror whilst walking under a ladder?

    Man, the last few weeks have been ******* frustrating. Just when we come into the tough part of the draw, where we get the chance to prove our credentials, we get smacked by key injuries which were compounded by already existing long term injuries to fringe best 22 types. To make matters...
  10. GarnerSmash

    Opinion Tasmania: 7 Games and Melbourne Members

    Hi folks With the incessant chatter about the AFL's fiendish long term plan for a Tassie team, the drunken ramblings of a mindless journo and our boards refusal to make the co-location approach a constitutional no-no, I am curious as to how we the membership in Melbourne (and its surrounds)...
  11. GarnerSmash

    News New Role for Crockerdile Rock

    Basically the coach of the coaches, helping what is a relatively young group (sans Tudor) get the best out of themselves. Very interesting role.
  12. GarnerSmash

    Opinion NAB Challenge - Who do you want to see?

    Who do you want most to see play in the NAB and why? For me, Mullett: Injury has destroyed his last few seasons but now he is finally fit. I hope he gets a good run to show his wares off half back. Dumont: Is he ready to take the next step? Let's find out. Wood: Plenty of talent but does he...
  13. GarnerSmash

    Game Day NMFC vs Port Power

    All game day chat in here folks. Lets get it on!
  14. GarnerSmash

    News Shinboner Spirit is Back

    Shinboner Spirit has always been hard to define or describe but North Melbourne has begun work to make finally make it something tangible. When Brad Scott arrived at the end of 2009, he felt the term Shinboner had been hijacked and used to describe the club as poor and battling. He felt that...
  15. GarnerSmash

    News # Get Real - NMFC 2015 Membership Campaign Launched

    It's time to GET REAL The message is clear at North Melbourne in 2015; it’s time to GET REAL. With a team full of talent, experience and skill, the club is poised to take the next step after two finals wins last season. ‘GET REAL’ is more than just a gimmicky tagline designed to sell...
  16. GarnerSmash

    Game Day VFL Practice Match at Arden St: Today at 4:30

    Yes, that's right folks, Werribee play Box Hill on the hallowed turf today at 4:30. Unfortunately it looks like there will be a maximum 2 North listed players running out. Werribee v Box Hill Friday March 27, 4:30pm Arden Street Probable North-listed players - Scott McMahon - Ed Vickers-Willis
  17. GarnerSmash

    Resource 2014 NMFC Annual Report and 2015 AGM

    The club this week released their annual report for 2014, which can be found at Tenant/NorthMelbourne/Files/NMFC_2014Financials.pdf A basic glance shows that revenue has increased by over $2 million on 2013 to over $34 million, footy department spend...
  18. GarnerSmash

    Resource Official 2015 NMFC Footy Videos

    Link to 2014 thread here:
  19. GarnerSmash

    Toast 2014 Operating Profit

    The NMFC has recorded an operating profit of $423,074 for 2014 and has knocked off another $700,000 from their debt, leaving another $2.05 million to go. In am environment where many clubs are recording losses this is a very good result.
  20. GarnerSmash

    The Price of Oil and history repeating?

    The price of crude oil has fallen by 25% in recent months which has had a significant impact upon those nations that rely on its production as the basis of their economies. OPEC nations such as Venezuela and Nigeria are suffering significant impacts due to this downturn in price, yet despite...