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  1. richoplzbreed

    Coach If this was supercoach for coaches who would you trade out and who do you replace with?

    So basically Hardwick's got the job as long as he wants but looking at what's left it's looking a bit light on. Doesn't help we were plundered losing the likes of Caracella and McCrae. Personally I want Leppitch back and if Buckley was keen I'd take him. Personally don't rate McQualter...
  2. richoplzbreed

    VFL Williamstown vs Richmond, Sunday June 20, 2.10pm

    Oi someone sort out a link as VFL is on Sunday again so we do have a game to get behind and it's even on Channel 7.
  3. richoplzbreed

    Strategy 2020 Free Agency targets.

    I think we target Lachie Whitfield now. I reckon he’s exactly what we’re missing. We offer him the chance to be a premiership player for the biggest club in the land in front of a packed mcg. For that privilege he reduces his $$$’s per year and we give him a back ended 6 or 7 year deal. He can...
  4. richoplzbreed

    Strategy Nick Riewolt

    Just a hypothetical. Do due diligence on jacks cousin, if he has it in him offer him 1 year minimum wage can play with his cuz rest him when needed. In mean time put everything into securing Tom Lynch as free agent. That way nick can be a bandaid solution to our lack of foresight when it comes...
  5. richoplzbreed

    Strategy jacob townsend to run with (and through) dangerfield

    Townsend has his limitations. Let's be honest short of several injuries in the seniors he'll prob never get another game. But what he does have is size and mongrel. Start getting him to run with the best opposition mids in the magoos so come Geelong he's a snarling beast fighting for his career...
  6. richoplzbreed

    Player Watch LUKE HODGE

    He was a rabid feral tigers supporter as a kid. Offer him a coaching position at the club next year before some other club does. Fulfilling a childhood dream trumps money. Get it done. We're screaming for leadership and finals experience.
  7. richoplzbreed

    Prediction adam yze

    One of his relatives told me at the start of the year we were wining and dining him to come over as a coach. Dunno if its a good or bad thing but hope its not just a case of every team being fooled into thinking all hawthorn coaches are brilliant without exception. I remember not...
  8. richoplzbreed

    maurice rioli jr

    Does anyone have recent updates on him or any other potential future father sons other than pat naish?
  9. richoplzbreed

    Opinion matty knights

    Imagine if he'd have gotten to coach out his contract you were already playing fast exciting attacking footy. The backline was gonna shape up next. Who knows where the bombers would've ended up. That backstabbing cheating big eared, brown paper bag filled with money paying to Dr ageless(when he...
  10. richoplzbreed

    chris naish jesalenko you beauty

    Was awesome to hear the little fellar reminiscing yesterday. Shame that radar didn't ask about his offspring.
  11. richoplzbreed

    matty knights

    Bring back the prodigal son
  12. richoplzbreed


    Any chance this bloke could get a move on and inseminate some athletically gifted filly. We need some hope.