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  1. The Big Sauce

    BigFooty GOTY - 2019 remastered day one edition

    I didn't get to play the amount of games that I wanted to this year. But this is my list out of what I played. 1) Fire Emblem Three Houses - The game that stuck with me the longest. I'm still working through it. But of all the games this is the one that I have enjoyed the most and I really...
  2. The Big Sauce

    Top 3 games of the decade

    The Last of Us Nier: Automata Witcher 3
  3. The Big Sauce

    XBX Hellblade 2: Senua's Saga

    This is one game that doesn't need to be open world. Give me a mostly linear world that allows a more focused experience.
  4. The Big Sauce

    Multiplat Destiny 2

    The platform you don't choose are just hidden until you turn crossplay off I believe. But I swear it is still you picking 3 characters from one platform though. Because what are you going to do with both vaults/inventories etc when you nominate stuff? Or weapon rolls on characters you didn't...
  5. The Big Sauce

    Multiplat Destiny 2

    Aren't you picking 3 guardians from one platform to go forth? Like you can't pick your Hunter from PS4, Titan from Xbox and Warlock from PC. You're picking one group of three to be the ones you use everywhere from now on.
  6. The Big Sauce

    Switch Fire Emblem: Three Houses

    Really enjoying this game, this is my first actual Fire Emblem experience outside of Marth maining in Melee. The only gripe is that I can't see how others are spending their time etc because the feature is blocked to those who haven't paid for Nintendo Online. Which I think is kinda scummy...
  7. The Big Sauce

    Multiplat The Division 2

    An early boss or even an early raid boss I don't mind as a DPS check (you could argue that either of the first 2 bosses from Last Wish were DPS checks). But I felt like a lot of the bosses from Div 1 were tests of patience rather than tests of skill. I did enjoy what I played of the beta a...
  8. The Big Sauce

    Multiplat The Division 2

    It's more that bullet sponges are boring when that's their only hook. Craft an engaging fight where you're always under the pump as opposed to one where you're rarely troubled but are just unloading on it for ages. Which is hopefully something being addressed here. Interesting mechanics will...
  9. The Big Sauce

    Multiplat Anthem

    Given the surprise drop of Apex and the fact that I have RE2 still sitting there I've held off of this, especially given the reviews. But I'm more waiting for people to hit the endgame and see if that redeems the game a bit because the strength of the campaign can mean little when it is the...
  10. The Big Sauce

    Multiplat Anthem

    There's a distinct lack of comments here. I take it the reviews/word of mouth kept everyone away?
  11. The Big Sauce

    Multiplat Kingdom Hearts III

    I loved this game for all of its faults. It feels weird that I've almost doubled in aged from when I first played KH2 to when I started KH3 so there was a weird sort of feeling running throughout for me that wouldn't be present for anyone picking this up as their first entry in the series or...
  12. The Big Sauce

    Your current backlog

    Red Dead 2 destroyed any chance I had of keeping up with my backlog. Took up about 2 months of my time over the holiday season
  13. The Big Sauce

    Bigfooty Game of the Year 2018 (Voting Closes Friday 11th January Midnight)

    That has basically been my gaming over the last fortnight. I only finished Red Dead 2's story completely late December so I had a lot to catch up on. I 100% approve of you getting Sunset Overdrive onto your list and I was tempted to do the same but I thought having not played the PC version...
  14. The Big Sauce

    Bigfooty Game of the Year 2018 (Voting Closes Friday 11th January Midnight)

    This year was a good year in gaming but I didn't spend as much of 2018 playing new releases as I usually do. I spent a month and a half earlier on this year knocking out The Witcher 3 (finally) and nothing that came out this year really came close to that. I spent about another month playing GOW...
  15. The Big Sauce

    Bigfooty Game of the Year 2018 (Voting Closes Friday 11th January Midnight)

    So can we vote on the 11th or do I need to get my list in by tonight?
  16. The Big Sauce

    Multiplat Death Stranding

    GTA6 is going to be a long way off given that Rockstar just spent the last 4-5 years making RDR2. GTA6 will probably end up being a mid gen title for the next gen systems.
  17. The Big Sauce

    Universal Love The all-new and improved 2019 Death Riding Carlton thread

    Yeah I'm all in to go again
  18. The Big Sauce

    XBX1 Sunset Overdrive

    It's still Insomniac's best game this generation. The game is so much fun and is still in my top 10 of the generation. Hoping the increased PC audience helps it do well.
  19. The Big Sauce

    Playstation Classic

    I think the list is solid. They got the two absolute must haves in MGS & FFVII and both of those hold up reasonably well. My issue is that the initial reveal of 5 games they were showcasing sequels that were clearly superior (Tekken 3/RR Type 4), but the next 15 they have a lot of the first...
  20. The Big Sauce

    Mega Thread 2018 Trade Period Discussion part 2! (cont. in Part 3 - link in OP)

    I'm not super bullish on our 2019 chances yet. I think we bounce back into finals but as of right now we haven't tangibly improved our team via trade week. Whereas most of our competitors have with a big recruit or making the most of a bad hand. Richmond have added one of the most promising...