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    Rodney Ulyate

    Amazing channel. Put together bowling action for Eddie gilbert based on photos among other cool stuff;
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    Racism in english cricket
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    Julian Edelman retires At his best in playoffs & one of the toughest covers as wide receiver
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    Bangladesh 2020 u19 win - Chappell & Taylor comment

    Found this article by Nine after Bangladesh won u19 world cup last year. Ian Chappell & Mark Taylor both comment & sh*t on accomplishment
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    Abu Dhabi T10 2021

    Can't see thread. Rosters stronger than bbl;
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    1000+ test wickets vs 13

    That was the tale of the tape going into 4th test. On paper India was completely overmatched even ignoring Australia's record at the gabba. Match was one of the great upsets & test victorys. Didn't hurt that advantage switched between both sides all match & was decided at the very end of final...
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    Specialist wicket keepers in t20

    So many missed stumpings in most games - the team that realizes a specialist keeper will save more runs then a part time keeper scores will have a lot of success
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    atg aussie test team

    Hayden over Morris. Border as left hander over Harvey as side has too many dashers. Don't think Lyon is among top 5 Aussie bowlers of all time but has case as is good fit balancing out attack - rest pick themselves tho Lillee hard done; Trumper Hayden Bradman G Chappell Border Miller Gilchrist...
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    Summer Events cut from diamond league Disappointed events are cut. Especially TJ - Rojas, Taylor & Ibarguen are exciting performers.