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  1. Black Panther

    Rumour Port Power to be fined a squillion dollars

    Surely this is the only fair punishment?
  2. Black Panther

    Nostradamus Lives Stephen SOS Silvagni sacked from Carlton. Tom Browne upgraded to CCC- Junk Bond rating

    Per Tom Browne* on MMM just now * which could also mean he has been given a new 5 year contract
  3. Black Panther

    Basil hits the Big Time

    So ScoMo what do you think about NicNat's knee?
  4. Black Panther

    Rumour Like father, like son

    JB being well-known connoisseur of Colombia's finest
  5. Black Panther

    What the heck? Tom Mitchell - Greedy little mercenary

    Per 3AW - wants to charge $1000 per media interview after he wins the Brownlow
  6. Black Panther

    Moved Thread Hawthorn "sucking Tasmania dry" ... calls for them to GTFO

    TASMANIA’S politicians must show leadership and courage by driving Hawthorn and North Melbourne from the state by 2022 and demanding our own team in the AFL. Hawthorn runs a...
  7. Black Panther

    Rumour Police investigating Gary Ablett Snr for alleged 1970's assault

    Lucky his son is back in Melbourne so will have family to visit him in the slammer
  8. Black Panther

    Spare GF tickets

    Contact Aaron c/o Melbourne Remand Centre
  9. Black Panther

    Moved Thread Free Tram Zone - come on be honest....

    Who of you have ever touched on/off taking the 70/75 tram from the City to the MCG on a match day?
  10. Black Panther

    NMFC Board member pleads guilty to assault

    Swans dumped a board member for dipping his wick into a gold digger, what moral price does the NMFC have? Awaiting a 4:45pm Friday press release? $955!!!! Should have gone to SpecSavers
  11. Black Panther

    Scandal Lethlean and Simkiss office affairs sex scandal

    Amber Harrison's Lawyer on Line 1 Gil EDIT:
  12. Black Panther

    Eagle fans slammed for booing Scott Selwood

    Just waiting for Robbo to wake up and post it .....
  13. Black Panther

    Lou Richards

    Rumour around media types that he passed away this morning ... waiting for family confirmation
  14. Black Panther

    Unknown person requests WorkCover to look at Vic clubs

    Breaking news via the ABC LOL to those that thought only Essington was playing funny buggers
  15. Black Panther

    David Koch ... err ... sorry ... Kochie™

    New President of Port Power Bizarre
  16. Black Panther

    Young girl allegedly insulted by St Kilda player.

    School holidays are over so that rules out any 16 year olds
  17. Black Panther

    Lindsay Tanner's stunning earthshattering revelation

    Julia is a FAKE RANGA!
  18. Black Panther

    24/7 OneHD sports is dead