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  1. adelaidecrows

    Game Day * * * C R O W S * * * O L Y M P I C * * * C H A T * * *

    Olyroos winning against Argentina brilliant. Argentina flopping worse than Gray and that is saying something.
  2. adelaidecrows

    Is anyone on this site a published author?

    Hi, I am exploring my creative side and started writing both childrens books and adult fiction. My childrens book is ready to go and I am keen to explore getting this published. Two things; firstly I can't draw, am I supposed to create concept illustrations or will this just be part of...
  3. adelaidecrows

    Should I report a conflict of interest in employment practises to head office and the minister?

    The school i work at in metropolitan Adelaide is about to employ its 2nd family member who is straight out of uni for 2021 of a leadership person, who already used her influence as a senior teacher to get her future husband a job at the school. But that's not all. He is going to be mentored by...
  4. adelaidecrows

    Congrats Talia on 200

    Talia will go down as one of the great Backman of the club. 19th player to reach the 200 milestone. I'm curious to see how he ranks amongst the legends of the club. On VOG-L09 using mobile app
  5. adelaidecrows

    Autopsy The 2018 Crows list review

    I thought this would be a good place to start talking about the future of our list. Who goes, who stays, whose improving, whose struggling to make the grade beyond depth player etc. Delistings / Retirements Curtly Hampton Ultimately best 22 players Forwards Taylor Walker (injured part of the...
  6. adelaidecrows

    Preview Face Off: Showdown 44 Port Adelaide v Adelaide

    Port Adelaide Power Versus Adelaide Crows Port Adelaide V Adelaide Adelaide Oval 4:40pm Well this is one of those 8 point games. While we have got off to a great start to the season we haven't really been world beaters and have proven to be vulnerable in several areas. Losing to...
  7. adelaidecrows

    News The Pre Game Media Bias

    I knew that once Richmond made the GF that it will be a Pro Richmond week in the media but I was personally staggered as to how bad it actually was. I have never seen anything like it. The AFL need to be concerned. They are trying to build a national market and it seemed all the national shows...
  8. adelaidecrows

    Analysis List Management 2018 predictions

    Unfortunately for some of those players on the list we are reaching the point of the year where their services are no longer required. If we are to fit potentially 2 trade / FA players plus have some draft picks I think a minimum of 5 changes will need to be had. Out Scott Thompson - Retired...
  9. adelaidecrows

    Analysis Will our game plan win finals?

    Short answer is yes its capable! The one major difference between the Crows of the past few years and this year is intensity and a willingness to back themselves in. The tackling pressure is way above anything I have seen for a number of years. I also am finding there is a beautifully...
  10. adelaidecrows

    Funny AFL Memes

  11. adelaidecrows

    Competitions Awesome 2016/2017 draft game selection thread - starts Sat Dec 17th

    Start your research folks the game is back bigger and better than ever. First pick will be from 9am Saturday, 17th Dec 2016.
  12. adelaidecrows

    15 year anniversary of 9/11

    Well for those that are old enough we probably not only remember this sad event but we remember what we were doing when we first heard about it. In Adelaide it was after 10pm, Tuesday September 11 2001. I was watching tv funnily enough and was chatting on the computer. The next day the city and...
  13. adelaidecrows

    Analysis Is the original top 8 system better

    Ive thought for a very long time regardless of whether the crows were in the finals or not that the current top 8 system is completely unfair and a disadvantage to teams who finish 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. I think the original system was fairer when the top 4 played the bottom 4. It was a fairer...
  14. adelaidecrows

    List Mgmt. The which players will be on the list in 2017 thread?

    Post away. I don't think we will see too many changes to the list. VB - Bit young to retire but does he hold any appeal as a delisted FA? Grigg Jaensch Shaw Probably the only changes to the senior list I can see. Ramsey could be the only change to the Rookie list.
  15. adelaidecrows

    Roast Any player you have hated in history?

    This thread is just for a bit of fun. Feel free to tee off about anyone who has played this great game from any point in history, whether they aren't a footballers ar$%hole or they are just the biggest FIGJAM campaigner of all time. Some obviously are hated because they are just so good they...
  16. adelaidecrows

    Let's go Australia, Olympics thread

    Thought an Olympic Discussion for the Adelaide board would be good so we can discuss all this Olympics. Feel free to post anything Olympics related. I will also keep the medal tally board updated.
  17. adelaidecrows

    Analysis The high tackle

    Should the high tackle rule be amended? It appears players are dropping to their knees and lifting their arms in the contest to draw high contact. The high tackle rule was designed to protect players from poor tackling techniques and encourage tackling around the waist. It worked but by...
  18. adelaidecrows

    Roast Negative AFC supporters

    I am disappointed to say the least in just how many negative comments have appeared on this board after just two poor games. For those playing at home, the Crows have played every top 10 side from last season aside from West Coast where as Geelong have only played 4 top 10 teams, Western...
  19. adelaidecrows

    Toast Ex Crows son off to Rio

    Well done to Kyle Chalmers son of Brett Chalmers for qualifying 2nd in the Mens 100m swimming event. All the best for Rio champ!
  20. adelaidecrows

    Analysis Adelaide's true ranking each round

    I spent the day creating and tweaking a formula that looks at several factors to determine just how well sides are actually travelling compared to what the ladder is suggesting. Let me know what you think. *Will update after each round