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    Luca$ Neill

    is a sh*t truck.
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    Mobile Phone

    I know this has been done a few times before but it's my turn and times change. My current phone is a sh*t truck and whilst it's served me well, it's time to upgrade, especially starting anew job (which will require alot of meetings, reading word and PDF files and multitasking). I know...
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    New Mavs Logo...

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    Sparky chasing Bellamy. Seriously no defense in the league would be able to stop Bellamy and Benni...except maybe our own.
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    Benni McCarthy racially abused.

    From the Rovers site.,,10303~915255,00.html
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    Wlly 2's in the GF

    Playing against my Box Hill Hawks. Just curious as to which Pies players have qualified for the VFL 2's?
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    Potential VFL draftees?

    VFL has a decent record lately in terms of draftees, especially rookies. Taylor, Egan, Schwarze, Bryan, Gibson, Campbell, Morris, Warnock, Height, Rix, McKinnon, Hughes, Whyman, Howat, Bonaddio, O’Keefe and McGlynn in the past 2 drafts. So who's a chance this year? I haven't seen as much...
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    VFL Reserves Grand Final: Box Hill vs Williamstown.

    To be played next Sunday. Box Hill won today with Marguccio kicking 6 and Cook due back from suspension next week.
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    The Roos "cheersquad"

    I had the misfortune of being situated near the Roos Cheersquad yesterday and it's fair to say they are worse than the Hawks one, and that is a near impossible feat. Less lines than Moe the barkeep with the old schoolyard favourite "Let's go Kangas let's go" and "North Melbourne" followed by...
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    That time of year again...

    Hawks vs Roos. Direct all your crap to me here pre-game and post-game. Down at Tassie where the Hawks are generally very good due to the fact it's a big ground. This could decide 13th and 14th spot and hence pick 3 or 4 for each club. I think our changes will be: Out: Kane In: Young...
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    Hotdog's sidekick.

    Slapper. Get rid of her straight away for god's sake.
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    Spurs and Raps trade.

    The San Antonio Spurs announced today that they have acquired Matt Bonner, Eric Williams and a 2009 second round draft pick from the Toronto Raptors in exchange for Rasho Nesterovic. Clearly to do with the fact Rasho had multimillions left on his contract and the fact he's worthless...
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    Emerton to Everton...? SOCCEROOS utility Brett Emerton is believed to be on the verge of joining fellow international Tim Cahill at Premier League side Everton. ------ He's definitely not in Rovers plans...
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    Ben McGlynn in for Hawthorn.

    Gun. The most courageous, gutsy and determined guy in the list behind Tim Clarke. This guy will play for the jumper, which is more than we can say for a few blokes. Absolutely stoked for the kid. Had 2 years at Box Hill with 2 broken jaws, got rookied by Hawthorn and gets his chance after...
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    Crawf out for 2-3.

    On SEN and 7. Shin soreness. So thats Goo and Crawf out. Beau Muston is still on the LTI list so I'd like to see Benny McGlynn elevated and get a go. We know what Ries and Ball can do, we haven't seen McGlynn at this level yet but he has speed and decent disposal. Make it happen.
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    Ben Kennedy

    Probably clutching at straws here, but read in the paper that Ben is the younger brother of Josh (son of Kennedy Jnr) and is included in the U16 state squad. Any basic info?
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    Fegus Watts - broken leg

    According to caseyscorp at Sad way to start his career as a Saint...
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    Trent Croad signs for 3 years.

    As claimed on the Footy Show. :thumbsu:
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    Trent Croad signs for 3 years.

    Funny how in 2001 Croad was sacrificed so we could keep Rawlings, Thompson, Hay, Holland and Barker together. Now Thommo is still underperforming at North, Hay is still putting out of games, Rawlings is past his retirement date, Holland is gone and Barker is well... injured still. After all...