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  1. XFactor1979

    TV SBS America in Primetime An interesting insight into 'America' Television has been such a strong influence on our society - the English speaking society, the same with Francophones in the French speaking world, and whatever language sphere etc etc But American tv has...
  2. XFactor1979

    The Mysterious Shrinking Shane Warne

    Watch as Shane Warne shrinks from husky cricketer to a skinny, scary/ creepier version of himself->
  3. XFactor1979

    Beijing's Olympic Legacy and the future of Olympic venues?

    No doubt some of you will find this discouraging Sydney's unwillingness to use Olympic Park after the Olympics is a well documented case (ie NRL clubs are embarrassed to play out there and Sydney Swans just dont play there) What will become of...
  4. XFactor1979

    Skate/Surf/Extreme Ninja Warrior

    Does anyone here watch this show? Its an insane sport, where durability gets tested. The majority of the contestants are extreme sportsmen, a lot of the standouts on NW only weigh 60kg, which is an advantage when it comes to pulling themselves up (which they still can,and they only have 60kg...
  5. XFactor1979

    TV Alcohol Advertising ^ Interesting discussion about this Its the same issue concerning society, the same as cigarette advertising in the 80s. Other issues related: prohibition and the other monster- advertising for gambling/ betting The key...
  6. XFactor1979

    Live telecasts on 7mate in NSW & QLD

    I dont think its helping the AFL that much in those regions Because FNF goes live in direct opposition to 9's FNF Personally I preferred the 11pm delayed telecast in Sydney because I had the chance to go out, get drunk, come home and watch the AFL late at night with the lights and the volume...
  7. XFactor1979

    TV Mad as Hell Shaun Micallef's newie, more or less another Newstopia, however, its always nice to have him around
  8. XFactor1979

    TV Sporting Nation Interesting doco series Worth watching
  9. XFactor1979

    Entertainment & Music Comic and Sci Fi Conventions

    This is Living! Well.. not really Although I should ask- what brings these on? No doubt this is a creation of the American empire for worshipping something that is not real, or immortalising something that was just there Anyway (hypothetically) who would you dress up to be if you were to...
  10. XFactor1979

    Injury/Rehab Exercise urticaria

    I am a victim of this condition where the body is built to sit in front of a computer / tv all day. and develops an itchy rash when i exercise [/excuse] Some people say the itchiness is caused by the sweat? Or is it just an allergy by the body to the idea of exercise in general? Also any...
  11. XFactor1979

    Brooksy's Footy Show
  12. XFactor1979

    TV Coverage for the neutral games of the Tri series

    I want to know what they are doing for the matches not involving Australia ie Sri Lanka and India? Im pretty sure Foxsports should get these matches, neutral matches are ratings poison on FTA! And given that theyve tightened up on the tv coverage of cricket to only involve exploits of the...
  13. XFactor1979

    Jeremy Lin Appreciation Thread 18 points for the Knicks today in a win over the Jazz We wont know where hes going to end up later on in his career But we do know hes quite outspoken about his ethnicity and how he hasnt been given a fair go because Pro ballers are all african...
  14. XFactor1979

    Society & Culture Peter Hore - Did he have a valid point?

    Im not saying Im defending him or anything But if you think outside the box - admittedly he did it to the extreme. He does prove of the concept of Free speech in Australia He proved that we are entitled to an opinion, even though he made his proof directly to the subject matter in question Of...
  15. XFactor1979

    Test cricketers who didnt bat, bowl or do anything in a match?

    Granted the chances of that happening increases more in an ODI and a T20 because the other team didnt get enough wickets for the number 6 (who's not a bowler) to come out and bat and theres only 1 innings in the match But this guy has the most ominous Test record in that he didnt do anything in...
  16. XFactor1979

    10000 Hours 7-10 Years ^ That's how long you have to work for to become Novak Djokovic and/or Rafael Nadal That is all I have to say about that
  17. XFactor1979

    Players suing their former clubs

    When stuff like this happens it takes away from the allure of the competition Not so accurate on the exact details, so feel free to correct me on these-> Fabian Francis - had a go against Fremantle after injuring his knee before he could play a game with them Clem Michael - sued Fremantle...
  18. XFactor1979

    Indian Premier League Soccer Auction

    Hernan Crespo netted the most in the auction It seems like the Indians want to become more prominent in the global football stage by throwing cash left right and centre for old has-been veterans designed to prop up their mediocre local leagues...
  19. XFactor1979

    From the muddy banks of... Your concerts experiences in the elements!

    Im sure there are a few here who like the cozy comfort of going to an indoor venue to watch their favourite bands play But tonight's experience of watching Mike Patton play with his Italianic themed band Mondo Cane in a torrential downpour brings back memories of gigs past, I have not been to...
  20. XFactor1979

    Challenges/ hawkeye in tennis

    Should they reduce the number of challenges or get rid of them altogether? It isnt making much of a difference to the flow of the game, and 99% of challenges by players are unsuccessful Players make unforced errors, why cant the lines people and chair umpire be allowed to too? If they got rid...