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  1. DaSawx

    Gomez Fans?

    Any Gomez fans wanna recommend some more kick ass tunes for the iPod? Currently have Bring it on, Bring your lovin back here, we haven't turned around, rhythm and blues alibi and blue moon rising.
  2. DaSawx

    Swans should open 2013

    Love the way the NFL honors/respects the reigning Superbowl champs by guaranteeing that they host the opening match the following season. Give the Swans a game against Collingwood/WCE/Geelong, would be a good game with good ratings, while the premiers get to rightfully play on a big stage while...
  3. DaSawx

    What shits ya!

    People at the footy who call for a free every 5 seconds People who can't merge properly People (mostly old) who drive around with a f** hanging out of their mouth People who put their 6 week old babies in day care
  4. DaSawx

    White Shorts

    Just putting it out there. Should teams with no white as their colours wear white shorts against teams with white, regardless of whose home game, would it make viewing easier or even easier for players who have to make split second decisions. Should teams like Adelaide, Brisbane, Essendon...
  5. DaSawx

    General Bombers Talk The Non-Essendon Thread III

    Yeah, Carlton are more than likely to play finals anyway, if North just missed out again, would be massive lolz.
  6. DaSawx

    The sad and pathetic state of our society.

    These are comments made by "newspaper" readers after an article written, in which Paul Hamilton answered a simple question about whether we'd use extra players because we have the break in between NAB Cup games, something every single team in out position would. Mad Mick of The Mountain...
  7. DaSawx

    Favourite Movie Characters

    VdS5PiWaOwk&feature=related Lk5Lq1enqbM Two of my favourites, William "Bill the Butcher" Cutting and Hans Lander, two great villians, terrificly acted.
  8. DaSawx

    2011 Jumper Numbers Announced

    Question: If Jay is rookied, will he/should he keep #1? If not, what should we do with it?
  9. DaSawx

    Essendon stats and facts

    Collingwood's sharing of their goals record got me thinking, and we don't do too badly in this area ourselves. We're averaging 8.25 goal-kickers per game, I know it's early in the year but it stacks up quite well to the better teams of the decade, this avg will go up and down during the year...
  10. DaSawx

    So who gets #13?

    Thought I'd throw it out there. Option #1: Mark Williams, high profile indigenous recruit Option #2: Newphew of Michael Option #3: Previously listed player
  11. DaSawx

    Your Car How much should I ask?

    for a 1990 twin turbo Toyota Soarer that's been sitting in my garage for a couple of years?
  12. DaSawx

    Preview Pick 10

    So this is our pick, not too shabby in all honesty. They say the draft is weak this year running into the latter rounds, but I have heard the 1st round aint to bad compared to last years, barring ant's assesments on their kicking skills :D I'm looking for the people in the know to give me...
  13. DaSawx

    The White Stripes

    Will they ever tour again? Is Meg over her anxiety?
  14. DaSawx

    MLB Off-Season News & Rumours

    C.C. Sabathia, Manny Ramirez and Mark Texieira are the big fish, and if I'm not mistaken, all clients of Mr. Bora$ Jake Peavy and Prince Fielder could also be had for the right trade
  15. DaSawx

    The inspectorman Facts

    1. Inspectorman made you read this! 2. Macgyver can build an airplane out of gum and paper clips, but Inspectorman can kill him and take it. 3. Inspectorman once roundhouse kicked someone so hard that his foot broke the speed of light, went back in time, and killed Amelia Earhart while she was...
  16. DaSawx

    2008 MLB Season Thread

    In just over 3 1/2 hours a game counts in the standings as the reigning World Champion Boston Red Sox take on the Oakland A's in Tokyo. D.Matsuzaka v J.Blanton
  17. DaSawx

    Player Game

    Saw this on an NFL Forum, little tedious I thought but it took off well so I'll try it here, although only works if you're the right age :p I'll change it up a little for our great game, for example, I'm Victorian and a right footer, I then find out who has the closest D.O.B. to myself (I...
  18. DaSawx

    Satellite Dishes

    I notice a lot of people have those large black ones, just out of interest, anyone know what they can pick up and how much they cost?
  19. DaSawx


    Anyone else read this? Picked it up at the Library the other day, very interesting
  20. DaSawx

    Kevin Sheedy

    Was thinking about it the other day when he said at the Press Conference that we were just client for 27 years. Is anyone dissapointed he said this or thinks this? Has it been too easy for him to move on after what happened? Am I over-reacting? and does anyone see him ever coming back to...