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  1. tunksy

    MRP / Trib. Josh caddy concussion and suspension

    Ok so i think we can all agree josh was going for the ball when he accidently ko'd that crows player. Luke parker was going for the ball when he made high contact. Cotchin was going for the ball agaisnt shiel NOW fyfe going for the ball and collecting high with a knee to the temple causing...
  2. tunksy

    Off Topic Random Posts

    Nah they never happened apparently
  3. tunksy

    the deliberate call

    You all know the one im talking about in the last... If that was a final the whistle wouldnt have been blown Utter bullshit in a game that close
  4. tunksy

    The Great Debate

    howdy all. I need your opinions and your votes, My best friend, his girl and my partner are all south australian and so have one fundamental flaw.. they think a potato cake is a potato fritter (stupid SA) Please lend me your opinions, and vote wisely, for the good of the rest of Australia...
  5. tunksy

    Competitions The Great Debate II

    come one, come all! We've had the PARMI and the Parma debate (its parmi btw and fyi), now its time for something new... is it a potato cake or potato fritter!? CAST YOUR VOTE!!!
  6. tunksy

    Seating v GWS

    What end will the cheer squad be sitting at? Wanting to book tickets behind the goals and dont wana be around the few gws supporters
  7. tunksy

    Analysis Sanderson. Could he help us?

    Think he was a bit stiff to get the flick at the crows. Showed a lot of promise this year and in his first year. He came from a good system at the cats and now with some senior experience has a good point of view on what supoort a coach needs. My question to you bigfooty tigers board is this...
  8. tunksy

    Vickery pack mark injury? lids injury

    Cant find footage anywhere with vickery in some sort of pack crunch incident from the game. was he injured and then subed?? will he line up next week if he was injured? also how bad was lids? again nothing up, but heard he couldnt get out of a jog.
  9. tunksy

    Autopsy Who have we got that can step into the middle?

    Who do you think is on our list that is capable of playing full time midfield in the near future? I for one would like to see how Dea handles the midfield. He has been in good consistent form playing hbf for coburg seniors is providing plenty of rebound and accumulating the ball. What I like...
  10. tunksy

    Value of Rich

    While there has been a recent article on the afl website alluding to rich wanting to re-sign with the Lions. I'm wondering what his value would be on the market in terms of draft pick/s and salary. He is a good user of the ball who seems to have stagnated or stayed at the same level (although...
  11. tunksy

    News Arnot on the rise

    good read with video with choco's take on the young fella arnot has also been named in the team to take on the doggies, if he has a good game i expect he'll be in round 1 considerations. capable of drifting forward and kicking...
  12. tunksy

    Preview The forward line setup!

    The pre-season is moving at a snails pace so its time to start up a thread on our forward line and how we are gonna make it better in 2013. plenty of competition for spots and many ways to line up What is your ideal forward line up and why? how many games will A.Edwards play and how many...
  13. tunksy

    News A little bit of good news for this slow off season - Martin A very feel good article about dustin martin and how chocco is have a good influence on him! read up and feel better!
  14. tunksy

    Universal Love Looking to next year....

    Today's draw has been a step back backwards. but we've taken two steps forward this year. Pretty gutted witht e draw but all credit to port for coming out hard. We have a lot of improving and hard work to do, and for once I believe we have the right people in the job. Everyone gets injuries...
  15. tunksy

    News Cats expect Scarlet to retire....

    On the AFL site.... Could we do a Gold Coast and recruit an Older head just for a year. Scarlet would have so much to teach young blokes like grimes, rance, astbury and griffo. Think he'd be worth looking at purely as a player/coach who could expect some game time here and there as depth...
  16. tunksy

    News Helbig could be back soon

    clubs medical report vid is up and there is mention of helbig. could be back training with the main group in a weeks time!! hopefully he can get a game or 2 in before seasons end. or would you prefer him to just play out the year in the 2's?
  17. tunksy

    Opinion cotchin

    cotchin, martin lids goal kicking mids. newman conca? cotchin performance against the blues was admirable. started on fire. got tagged and worked back into the game. kicked goals and laid 8 tackles.. cotch really stepped up last year when he had to replace newman as captain and I think he...
  18. tunksy

    News Light Tiger

    we all know we've got a few too many scrawny guys goin round the training track. small article about hsane edwards putting on some weight. around 3-4 kgs heavier and finished 4th behind matt white in the 3.8km...
  19. tunksy

    News Rhys Palmer Rhys Palmer has left Freo and is summing up a move to GWS or as the article says, an offer from a victorian club. Anyone got any thoughts on this? Is a much better player than some of the other 2nd rate players we...
  20. tunksy

    Preview Tigers Vs. Demons

    preview time guys and gals! hoping for no changes barring how batchelor pulls up. :thumbsu: