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  1. nurries

    Respect-Barlow and Spurr

    Heaps of contributors today but these 2 were exceptional. First final I think for Spurr....what a jet and Barlow was just pure quality
  2. nurries


    Was he on display today for a possible new suitor? Could be part of a deal to get first pick
  3. nurries

    How Long?

    Now we have seen ex Premiership "hero" busted with 75 pills, how long will it take for Channel Eagle and the Worst to drag up a negative Freo story.............? It wont be long
  4. nurries


    Where are they?? WTF
  5. nurries

    1 down....5 to go

    Well done crows. Your turn now Brissy
  6. nurries

    Tanks a lot fellas

    Might as well use all the kids now (Except Hinkley). Cant get to the finals now.
  7. nurries

    Mcburney & Stewart : Mission Accomplished

    Well done achieved your objectives. Return to base.
  8. nurries

    Captain Calamity

    There aint no criminals @ the Dockers But the Eagles they've got Dozens Like Gardiner, Kerr and Lynch And Repeat Offender - Cousins You Eagles supporters deserve it Its called ********in 'Karma' For all the ******** you've given us About poor old Jeffrey Farmer Ben Should have got a...