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  1. Tso1967

    AFL RDT Round 18 Discussion

    Only got 21 this week. Brayspud vc no good. 3 / 268 FRI- Zorko and Short
  2. Tso1967

    AFL RDT Round 12 Trades

    Berry to Jones via Laird Max 21 playing Before any trades R13- Max 19 R14- Max 15
  3. Tso1967

    AFL RDT Round 4 Trades

    Witts to Flynn Clark to Tex via Fantasia 596k in bank
  4. Tso1967

    AFL RDT Round 16 Discussion

    2 players Simpkin 31 and Hosie 17 Only got 19 if all selected too.
  5. Tso1967

    AFL RDT Round 15 Discussion

    Bare 18 for me 4 / 332 Wed- Dusty Brayshaw
  6. Tso1967

    AFL RDT Round 15 Trades

    last one Skinner to Ricci (will wait to see if he is picked and Skinner definitely misses) just 19 this week if all picked
  7. Tso1967

    AFL RDT Round 14 Discussion

    Max players (21) Taking Titch(vc) 5(c)/ 485 (56/47 lowest)
  8. Tso1967

    AFL RDT Round 13 Discussion

    Only had Doc 1/72
  9. Tso1967

    Round 12 Discussion

    Wished i had brought in Gull now. 2/149 (Cogs and Whit) Only Houston Friday.
  10. Tso1967

    Round 11 Discussion

    5(c) / 560 (Smith 47 included) Sun- Doc Gaff Petracca Both my cheap bench forwards both dropped.
  11. Tso1967

    Round 8 Trades

    Starfish to McPherson Taylor to Bailey Smith 37k in bank Only 8 trades so will be careful now Only 2 rooks on field Simpson or Pickett Rankine
  12. Tso1967

    Trades Round 7 Trades

    Cameron to Brayshaw Davis to Rankine 83k in bank
  13. Tso1967

    Trades Round 5 Trades

    Howe to Maynard Pickett to Serong Naismith to Xerri 196k in bank EDIT Kept Fyfe
  14. Tso1967

    A-League [A League] 2021 Dream Team

    defences more often go missing in this :p i brought in Maclaren this week not knowing he was injured :oops: (Toinoven scored 18pts who i dumped) only had 9 playing in the end for a miserable 51pts after a decent round last time.