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    When will the Carlton FC Arrive?

    Are you talking 10 list changes or club personnel changes?
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    Bluemour Melting Pot XXIX

    Our team is viewed as Hollywood? FishSticks What does this actually mean?
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    Bluemour Melting Pot XXIX

    If Harry is in doubt, maybe we plan to move someone from the backline forward with Kemp to cover?
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    Autopsy Rd 18 Blues storm home to beat Pies and honour Serge

    Must say I felt like our intensity was up today, especially 2nd half. Lead by Kennedy, SOS and Walsh. Last year our best games were when our intensity was up also. We need to find a way to replicate this every week.
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    Preview RND 18 - Carlton v Collingwood Sun 18th July 3.20PM @ MCG - Team Post #401

    With Cripps out and 8 defenders named i think we're all hoping that Stocker gets midfield time... but what will probably end up happening is Williams will get the midfield minutes instead. I hope i'm pleasantly surprised and they both rotate through as a minimum.
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    Preview RND 18 - Carlton v Collingwood Sun 18th July 3.20PM @ MCG - Team Post #401

    I was thinking that both Parks and Kemp could play tall if we needed them too.
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    Preview RND 18 - Carlton v Collingwood Sun 18th July 3.20PM @ MCG - Team Post #401

    We normally have a forward, defender and 2 midfielders on the bench so you'd think it's likely to be... Williamson vs Newman for the 7th defender Honey, Betts, Fogarty for the 7th forward spot And LOB and Fisher for the 2 midfield spots. I expect Fisher to get one of the midfield spots but...
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    Mega Thread COVID-19 Carlton & the AFL

    They better not cancel the VFL this weekend!!!!!!!!! 60mins of footy for Charlie Curnow is super important this weekend. Maybe they just need to play with no crowd.
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    When will the Carlton FC Arrive?

    I agree that if he continues to play defense it has the potential to impact his midfield game however right now i'd hope that he is learning what it takes to play consistent senior football so isn't necessarily being stunted as he is developing in a different way. Any idea how he feels about...
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    When will the Carlton FC Arrive?

    Fingers crossed the review squarely identifies the concerns the players have and are willing to address them rather than dismiss them. If Teague stays it sounds like the younger players may feel that some of their concerns will remain as it appears they lack someone to advocate for them in...
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    When will the Carlton FC Arrive?

    Thanks for sharing as always Soapy. When you talk about younger players looking at options for next year, this concerns me so i'm keen to understand which gorup of young players are we talking about? Are we talking about those that are younger but been around a few years and are in and out of...
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    2nds Carlton Reserves 2021

    Game this week is a home game against the Pies on Sunday. 11:05am at IKON Park. Unsure if it will be on TV just yet.
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    Preview RND 17 - Carlton v Geelong Sat Jul 10th 4.35PM @ MCG - Team Post #419

    No VFL this week remember so emergencies are only a chance of getting some game time if they are selected as the medical sub and needed.
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    Injury Blue Healers Medical Room - 2021

    Missing Pittonet from the table. "'Pitto's' surgery went really well. He's had some bone removed and we will do everything we can to get him back to play later on in the year," Russell said. 29/06/21
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    Senior 5. Samo Petrevski-Seton

    Was at the game and he warmed up with the midfield group and also started on the wing for quite a few centre bounce. He definitely rotated through forward and midfield.
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    Preview RND 16 - Carlton v Freo Saturday July 3rd 7.40pm AEST @ MCG - Team - Post #526

    Will be interesting if they select Casboult this week given he had a good game in the 2'd last week and is back from suspension. We know Teague prefers the taller forward line however i felt an extra runner around the ground really helped us defensively yesterday. Would love to see Ramsey and...
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    VFL R11: Carlton Reserves vs Northern Bullants, Sunday 27th May, 1:05 PM @ Preston Oval (live on Kayo Free)

    Awful game of football so far. Ramsay the pick of our players so far simply because of his work rate. Working twice as hard as any other player on the ground and keeps getting to contests, tackling and pressuring well although disposal hit and miss. LOB has toiled really hard but hasn't been...
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    Preview RND 15 - Carlton vs Adelaide (Crom) - Sunday June 27th 4:10pm (EST) @ Marvel Stadium - Team - Post #762

    Match selection and coaching still is a strange one isn't it. Kennedy now a forward despite BOG for us as a midfielder and now we will play a tall short. Let's hope McKay doesn't get injured. Newnes staying in is just outright disappointing given he has no form line from last week and was...