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  1. CanYouFeelTheSunburn

    List Mgmt. Welcome to the SUNS - Sam Flanders

    Don't think any of us saw this one coming but he was far too good to pass up, well done Kall Burns and recruiting team.
  2. CanYouFeelTheSunburn

    Opinion AFL Cheer Squad Drums

    I've noticed the use of drums in particular cheer squads (Collingwood, Carlton and Western Bulldogs) I think it's great for the game and creating atmosphere in the crowd. Was just wondering what brand and type of drums people are using in their cheer squads?
  3. CanYouFeelTheSunburn

    News 2019 Indigenous Player Game Worn Guernseys Auction

    Hey all, Just thought I'd let you all know that the SUNS game worn indigenous guernseys are currently up for auction at: I'm confident SUNS will want to add to his collection ;) .... maybe a Weller game worn Guernsey...
  4. CanYouFeelTheSunburn

    Gold Coast SUNS 2019 Player Sponsorship

    Hi all, I've had a chat to SUNS about the potential of our board sponsoring a player this year if we can get the numbers and required funds to make it possible. The finer details of the sponsorship are yet to be confirmed and will be updated in due course. All participants however will receive...
  5. CanYouFeelTheSunburn

    Recommitted Jamie Elliott [re-signed]

    Another injury for luckless Elliott has only managed 17 games since 2015, is anyone hearing anything about where he will be playing next year? Could he be looking for a fresh start elsewhere? What would he be worth in terms of a trade? Could prove to be a real steal this trade period.
  6. CanYouFeelTheSunburn

    Autopsy Round 20 vs Melbourne, MCG, 5th of August 3:20pm

    Well that wasn't the result that we were looking for against the blues after such a strong performance against Sydney... Onward and upwards onto next week. I for one will be going to the game this week supporting the team whole heartedly as it's times like these where our boys and club need us...
  7. CanYouFeelTheSunburn

    Autopsy Melbourne Demons Flag Contenders Or Pretenders?

    Are the Melbourne demons flag contenders this year or pretenders? Beaten a lot of bottom 8 sides or injury ravaged teams but have suffered heavy losses to Hawthorn, Richmond and Collingwood. Can Melbourne go all the way this year? Use stats/analysis to back up your opinions.
  8. CanYouFeelTheSunburn

    Preview Who Wins This Weekend? The Suns or Saints?

    Who walks away with the 4 points and their dignity? Who wins and why?