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  1. Bradkli

    News Buckley standing down; Robert Harvey interim coach for 2021

    Big news!! Nathan Buckley is poised to step down as coach of Collingwood, midway through his 10th season at the helm of the Magpies. Buckley was expected to tell the football department and players of his decision on Wednesday morning, ending months of speculation about his position. Sources...
  2. Bradkli

    Scandal Tigers duo in nightclub brawl

    Are the wheels falling off at Tigerland??
  3. Bradkli

    AFL RDT Round 3 discussion

    Well done those with Grundy on his 150 tomorrow night...not only does he now get to play the game at Marvel, he gets a Brisbane side without their only ruckman, who’s out injured.
  4. Bradkli

    NO TROLLS Collingwood Football Club is guilty of systemic racism, review finds Interesting to see what happens now...
  5. Bradkli

    Round 7 Discussion

    How does Mason Cox continue to hold his spot in the team?? Surely Darcy Cameron offers more??
  6. Bradkli

    Round 4 discussion

    GWS have declared spudfield good to go this week.. wasn't a full concussion last week...have to hold him now..annoying.
  7. Bradkli

    Round 4 trades

    Spudfield to Neale via Budarick Naismith to Pittonet Now need to plan to get rid of laird. Houston. Brad crouch. Cogs. Tom Mitchell. Devon Smith.
  8. Bradkli

    Round 3 discussion

    Still no Naismith...let the punishment continue
  9. Bradkli

    Round 10

    Of course constable gets dropped even with Dangerfield out. What a surprise Setterfield and stocker on extended bench. Both will be dropped. No Matt crouch. No drew. Hayes dropped. Another standard week
  10. Bradkli

    Round 8 discussion

    Anyone else fielding the following like me this week: Hore, scrimshaw, Duursma Walsh, atley (hopefully), gibbons Drew and setterfield Danger missing and no constable whilst still holding libba just a killer...
  11. Bradkli

    Round 4 discussion

    Preuss will be in this week. Not great news for us Gawn holders. Why would they bring him in for a scg game?? Smaller ground does not suite two rucks.
  12. Bradkli

    Round 2 discussion

    Balta dropped Hore will be dropped and won’t play another game for the rest of the season Burgess a chance to be dropped Punishment already started...
  13. Bradkli

    Round 21 discussion

    37 changes for Friday/Saturday games. 7 outs for Sunday teams Good luck to those with no trades. Carnage is coming
  14. Bradkli

    Round 20 discussion

    Of course Taranto is out “injured” the week they play carlton. Every single week punishment continues. Step up sier for a hard earned 50 points. Dumb game.
  15. Bradkli

    Round 19 trades

    Fritsch to menegola Rocky to Macrae will have to wait two weeks
  16. Bradkli

    Round 16 discussion

    Heeney out as expected. S. Selwood back is bad news for those with Danger. He will play even more forward now. If I had a decent M9, I would bench Danger. Playing as a forward on the SCG postage stamp is the worst result unless you’re Buddy.
  17. Bradkli

    Round 14 discussion

    Of course brander the spud gets dropped even with Kennedy out. Won’t play again. So typical. No ridley as well. Great start to another bye week. Can’t wait for McLean to be named then be a late out.
  18. Bradkli

    Round 8 trades

    Luke Parker for Josh thurgood Poodee for yeo
  19. Bradkli

    Round 6 discussion

    Disaster continues for spuds like me. -Spud Petrecca out with a finger injury - buddy out Other news: - Worpel to debut - Matt crouch back - Sloane still out More to follow
  20. Bradkli

    Round 4 Discussion

    Laird, Doedee and Murray tonight in heavy rain. Will be happy with 220 combined. Can’t see the rookies going over 65 tonight. Rookie decision a killer again this week. Barry or gartlett ? would you rather crabs or syphilis?