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  1. Morro

    Cerra v Bolton

    Both young guns, contracts put on hold and could be on the move at seasons end. Freo supporters value Cerra higher whilst Tigers supporters clearly value Bolton higher. Who are you taking, what would you pay and why?
  2. Morro

    Analysis BEST 22 Come Finals

    Interested to see what others think our best 22 looks like during in September, assuming everyone is available including Rance. What a freakin headache it would be to pick only 22 guys when we could easily have 26-28 all capable. Do we play 2 rucks? Does Caddy hold his spot? Do we end...
  3. Morro

    Boost for finals, is it hammer time?

    A number of players making their way back from the abyss this week and next, just in time to get some solid minutes in before finals. Hammer could actually play an important role for us, he is a massive upgrade on Soldo and with his concrete hands inside 50, our smalls would have a field day...
  4. Morro

    Recommitted Reece Conca [re-signed]

    Reported on channel 7 that he is seeking a move Any interest and can we possibly salvage anything from this wreck. Best we can hope for is a 2nd rounder sadly. Or he could be steak knives in a deal more likely
  5. Morro

    Return of the Cotch

    Thoughts on Cotch's return? Midfield has functioned better without him the last 2 weeks. Does he play medium forward/deep with stints on the ball making us less predictable and passing on some of the responsibility he has shouldered on his own in there all year. Others have lifted without him...
  6. Morro

    News Sub role is gooooone

    I for one have hated this crap change to our game as I am sure every player on a list does. In 2016, the sub rule will be no more!
  7. Morro

    Richo - Goal kicking advice, well sort of.

    How Good is it seeing an absolute star of the game so willing to take the piss out of himself. Long live King Richo
  8. Morro

    List Mgmt. Target more than a gun player

    I am not usually one for too much negativity when it comes to my beloved Tigers. I dont generally bash the coach, I more often than not defend the players, but something I cant let go needs to be addressed. Let me begin with stating I love Trent Cotchin, a very good player, the perfect role...
  9. Morro

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency Discussion 2014 [Current Picks: 12, 33, 52]

    Hey guys I have locked the numerous other threads discussing mostly the same thing and thought it would be easier to have one thread for us all to focus on. Lets keep it as realistic as possible and leave the fantasy out of it. To this point we have discussed the below targets in detail (if I...
  10. Morro

    2 x Tickets available - Tigers v Port

    Hi Guys, I have ended up with 2 additional tickets for the game, cost me $75 each sitting in the pocket. (receipt available for proof) If anyone is interested please PM me.
  11. Morro

    Unofficial Preview Tigs v Cold Pies Banter Thread

    After recent events, I am sure both team supporters could use a friendly outlet. Please remember to keep it light hearted and witty, less emphasis on the witty from our sorry Pies fans. This is a card free zone unless you go postal, but we would always try to work with you rather than burn...
  12. Morro

    AIS players training with AFL clubs

    Anyone have information on Ryan Lim who is training with us as Ben Lennon did last year? Seems to be a trend in that a few clubs each year specifically chase and target the kids that train with them.
  13. Morro

    2014's Suprise packet

    With an influx of talented draftees and capable Rookies it got me thinking. Who will be the surprise packet in 2014 and secure themselves a spot in our best 22. It can be a youngster thats been developing ion the magoos,l a new recruit or even a mature ager such as BIg O. For me, it will...
  14. Morro

    Injury Jack Riewoldt's Season in doubt (Finals) This would be a huge blow to our finals series if he was unable to get up. We have no one capable of filling his shoes. Could...
  15. Morro

    Autopsy Rd 19 v Hawks and changes

    What went right? What went wrong? Who has to go? But most of all, please stay sane and reasonable regardless of the result.
  16. Morro

    MVP Rd 19 Tigers v Hawks

    You know the drill peeps 5 4 3 2 1
  17. Morro

    Game Day Rd 19 Tigers v Hawks

    The nothing to lose, everything to gain line has been trotted out all week but we have to show something in this game, a big loss and doubt has to start creeping in. Come on you might Tigers, lets play some fooooooooooooooooootbaaaaaaaaawl!!
  18. Morro

    Mod. Notice The Doctor is in the (Mod) House

    This thread is your opportunity to make DrMike feel all warm and fuzzy about his new blue highlights. For some of you, it's an opportunity to get a mod on side by telling him how much you admire him, what a great poster he has always been or how you believe he will be the best mod this board...
  19. Morro

    MVP Rd 13 v Western Bulldogs.

    5 Houli 4 Grigg 3 Dusty 2 Conca 1 Rance You know the drill
  20. Morro

    Autopsy Rd 13 2013 v Western Bulldogs and changes

    Post away ladies and gents.