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  1. The Prosecutor

    Unofficial Preview Round 1: Essendon v Hawthorn @ Marvel Stadium (March 20, 7:25pm)

    Herald Sun has posted the first round of fixtures and we have the pleasure of a first round victory against an old rival. Can't come soon enough.
  2. The Prosecutor

    News AFL to trial new zone rule in second-tier competition next season (Full rule changes inside)

    I don't see this being anything other than a disaster. How much time will be wasted reseting all the time? Full rule changes
  3. The Prosecutor

    Radio Trade Radio 2020

    Back again from 7am tomorrow 7am AEDT: The Early Trade with Kane Cornes and Matthew Lloyd* 9am AEDT: Trade Mornings with Julian de Stoop and Brendon Goddard 12pm AEDT: Trade News with AFL Exchange. With Mitch Cleary, Cal Twomey and Riley Beveridge 1pm AEDT: Trade Afternoons with Sam Edmund and...
  4. The Prosecutor

    VFL to merge with NEAFL, under-18 comps revamped in massive changes to AFL’s second tier

    Can't be far away from a full-scale national reserves competition. I could imagine this being great for talent development for NSW and Queensland teams too...
  5. The Prosecutor

    Prediction Best 22 - 2019 edition

    Potentially a lot to look forward to in the 2019 season and a lot of deserving players will be fighting to make it into our hypothetical best 22 (especially in defence). Assuming Goddard is longer on our list and ignoring any rumoured trade targets... Gleeson Hurley Francis Mckenna Ambrose...
  6. The Prosecutor

    Gary Rohan - I don't get it

    For a player who is a regular in a team that is as strong as Sydney has been for the past 7 years, I don't understand how he continues getting regular games nor why he seems to be somewhat rated. UPDATE: After 2020 and 144 games, he averages per game 9.5 disposals 2.4 tackles 1.0 goals Can...
  7. The Prosecutor

    Adelaide v Richmond

    I guess Richmond is Adelaide's Grand Final next week, hey smasha Go Tiges!
  8. The Prosecutor

    AFL Diversity Manager banned for life from competing in football, stands down from position

    Fresh off providing Bachar Houli a glowing character reference last week, the AFL's Diversity Manager has gone ahead and done this disgusting act on a football field this weekend. Should he lose his job? How long should he be suspended for? In my opinion, he should be charged for assault...
  9. The Prosecutor

    It's been 13 seasons since we won a final

    I just had a pulse of anger reminiscing about this. As a professional team and a proud club, how is this anger not more widespread and prevalent - especially factoring in the ASADA scandal? We talk about our premiership window opening next year onwards, how realistic is this? How realistic is...
  10. The Prosecutor

    Congratulations Kelvin_Sheedy

    Tremendous effort by your boys to win today. :) How are you going to celebrate?
  11. The Prosecutor

    Sydney Swans - sore losers? Pretty disgusting attitude, the supporters are there for them throughout the whole year and all of a sudden, not worthy of the time. Did they only plan these events assuming they were just going to roll it in. Horrible way to approach...
  12. The Prosecutor

    Cripps Bontempelli Merrett Kelly - the next big 4?

    With how much the football community seemingly loves to create three-way debates between players, are Patrick Cripps, Marcus Bontempelli and Zach Merrett the next generation's trio that will trigger debates for decades to come? All drafted from the 2013 draft, all three players will likely romp...
  13. The Prosecutor

    WSOP 2016 - The summer of Jason Mercier

    Two bracelets and a runner up in consecutive events for Mercier. With Jason shipping bracelet bets everywhere, a $1.8m payout awaits should he ship a third thanks to Vanessa Selbst. Currently 30ish with 119 remaining in 6-max PLO (520ish entries), it truly is one of the great runs.
  14. The Prosecutor

    Bulldogs in betting scandal Utter stupidity, not only are the contractually obliged to not bet on the AFL, betting on their own team to lose?
  15. The Prosecutor

    MCG lowers food prices

    Fantastic initiative!
  16. The Prosecutor

    David King under police investigation for suspicious Rising Star betting

    As per the HUN, the AFL referred this to police. The obvious suggestion is that he was leaked the information or was provided the results through his position...
  17. The Prosecutor

    Opinion What are we becoming (the effects of this saga on us supporters and our values)?

    Today, I did what I had thought of doing for some months and finally cancelled my membership. No downgrade, no wait-and-see. Cancelled. I hated doing it and I wish it wasn't the case, but having read the email sent recently to Rohan Connolly after merely reporting the stance of one of our...
  18. The Prosecutor

    Meet Up Off-Season Tanked- Pulo Pool and Function Room, 546 Collins St, Saturday 15/11 2pm

    UPDATE: This will be occurring on November 15 It may be a bit early however, this thought simply can not wait. Here I was being one with nature on this blissful afternoon at Windy Hill - practicing the ancient art of dropping a leather bound bladder of air to meet my swinging right foot at the...
  19. The Prosecutor

    Things that please you

    Carlton having their hearts broken. :thumbsu:
  20. The Prosecutor

    Analysis Hird or Thompson: Your decison

    Alright, the end of the season is fast approaching and this is staring to become an issue once again. So, for 2015 and beyond, who do you want to be senior coach of Essendon? Beyond, that, what scenarios involving one, both or maybe either neither of them? I think my decision is obvious, I'll...