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  1. zucvv

    Welcome to the Kennel, Lachlan McNeil!

    Another gem from SA, hopefully our Bailey Williams Mark II.
  2. zucvv

    Toast Tom Liberatore - Return of A Champion

    Boy oh boy, when we are celebrating the mercurial rise of our young stars, how can we not have a dedicated thread for our favourite son - Libba! Our Spiritual Leader, Return of a Champion! What a transformation its been! Both him and the team. We are at another level now from last year, the...
  3. zucvv

    Why Minson in Players Association leadership group but removed from our Club's

    Can someone confirm the locker room saga last season true or not? If not why is he removed from our leadership group? If it's true and such a d******d, why is he voted the vice-president of AFLPA? Someone enlighten me.
  4. zucvv

    McCartney's public criticism on MaCrae, good or bad? discuss.

    Says MaCrae is lucky to hold his spot, are you for real??? I mean you give a public belting on a 19 year old on his possession accumulating ability to achieve what?!!