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  1. Lucky Star

    Sheedy Unplugged

    Friends I have a pristine VHS of "Sheedy Unplugged". I was surprised to find that this video was not on YouTube, as this film "captures the essence of Sheedy: The Thinker, The Dynamo, The boy from working class roots who struts the corporate boardrooms." Anyway, if somebody wants to kill 60...
  2. Lucky Star

    Sportsman's Night Seance

    The highlight of any social calendar is a trip to the local footy club for a night of candid anecdotes, ribald jokes and tall tales as part of a good old-fashioned Sportsman's Night. But what if the social committee managed to get Madame Blavatsky or Derek Acorah along to raise the spirits of...
  3. Lucky Star

    Something something Tarzan, something something Jack Watts

    Name your culprits from today and yesteryear. A fun offseason thread for the whole family.
  4. Lucky Star

    Wayne Carey at the Crows

    In his time at North Melbourne, Wayne Carey was the undisputed king on and off the field. Since his retirement, though, it seems like it's almost been forgotten that he spent the last two years of his career at Adelaide. I looked up his stats and was surprised to see that he played 28 games for...
  5. Lucky Star

    Toast Chris Grant - A Retrospectus

    So anyway, Chris Grant is my favourite footballer of all time. Recruited at pick 105 in the 1988 VFL Draft, Grant went on to play 341 games, kick 554 goals and take his place among the pantheon of all-time greats the Western Bulldogs/Footscray Football Club. The purpose of this thread is to...
  6. Lucky Star

    The Chopping Block

    With the seniors sitting at 2-3 and the reserves 2-2, now might be a good time to take stock of all those Bulldogs employees who have been earmarked by those on BF for sacking, trade, delisting, banishment, lethal injection, etc or labelled as just no bloody good. McCartney (obvious and...
  7. Lucky Star

    Reserved Seat Nightmares

    The beauty of having reserved seats for each home game is the convenience of showing up to a match knowing you've got a seat of your very own waiting for you. Unfortunately you also have to sit near the same people week after friggen week. Last year I sat in front of this old granny who...
  8. Lucky Star

    Doggies Sponsors

    About time we started to pump up the tyres of those companies and organisations who sponsor our beloved Bulldogs. Mission has been sh*tting all over Old El Paso for years and just recently Mack Boots jumped on board. These boots are tough yet feel absolutely lush around your foot. I put my...
  9. Lucky Star

    Social Club Membership

    Just leafing through our membership renewal booklet and wondering if getting a social club membership is worth it? I see that social club members are guaranteed a GF ticket if Bulldogs make it, but they have to be purchased before 1 July - how does this work? Would appreciate some feedback...
  10. Lucky Star

    SOS on 3AW last night

    Not sure if anyone else heard but SOS was on 3AW last night talking about his new role with the Bulldogs. Didn't get to hear the whole thing but one thing he did say was that some members of the coaching staff were keen to turn Dale Morris into a midfielder. Feel free to disregard or discuss...
  11. Lucky Star

    Question about Brisbane game

    Could somebody please tell me who Robert Murphy played on in the Brisbane game? Thanks.