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    Beating congestion

    2 simple rules that will help with congestion. 1. When your player is being tackled you cannot join the tackle. Umpire will pay a free kick to the tackling team if the tackled teamate joins the tackle to hold the ball in. 2.players who lay or hold on to ball when a free kick is payed to the...
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    Simon Goodwin AFL's Premier Player AFL coaches have been surveyed on who is the AFL's best player. No surprises with the players voted with the exception of one. One coach claims Simon Goodwin is the best player going around.:eek: Surely no...
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    Expansion Extra home game in 24 round season

    When the Gold Coast enter in 2011 and we go to a 24 round season where does the extra home game for each team come from. I have heard numerous times that each team will receive one extra home game. On the AFL website it mentions Port are looking at selling there extra home game against the...
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    Telstra Dome and it's surface problem

    With Telstra Dome having it's problem with growing grass in shaded area's. I have seen that Liverpool are using grow lights on the surface at Anfield to help the grass grow in shaded areas during winter. Makes you wonder why...
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    Hwathorn members getting rights to Collingwood home game

    Seen in the Herald-Sun today that Hawthorn members will get entitlements at the Rd 13 clash against us. Seeing as this game is at Telstra Dome and we have 40,000 odd members and they 30,000 odd members there could be a lot of members who don't get in.
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    Any umpires or former umpires here (about mark fraser)

    Was wondering if any umpires or former umpires could comment on mark frasers bouncing action. My dad use to umpire in the mid to late 70's and after watching him practice before the game he thinks he has a major flaw. He noticed that fraser bounces the ball with both his feet together. He claims...