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  1. Keg still on legs

    List Mgmt. 2021 Trade Thread - Part I

    It's never too early, right? Who'll it be this year? FWIW my dream would be adding Cripps or Zerrett to our midfield. Would just about make us premiership faves. Cripps highly unlikely you'd think, but if you don't ask you dont get Skippers, flag heroes, stars galore in MONSTER free agency...
  2. Keg still on legs

    Prediction 2021 Fixture

    In the media today that the first 7 games will be announced before Christmas so I thought it timely to generate the 2021 fixture thread. My guess for double ups: Rich Port Bulldogs Melbourne Suns Round 1: Norph at Marvel Let's see how we stack up after a great 2020.