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  1. Ugottabjokin

    Coach Clarkson finishing up in 2021

    Am I being OTT thinking this is part of a Kennett/Reeves greater plan to relocate the Hawks to Tassie? Is this me becoming a stupid conspiracist theorist? Clarko a major stumbling block for a relocation and would be dead against it and at the 1st opportunity he's out and why it's been such a...
  2. Ugottabjokin

    Coach Clarkson finishing up in 2021

    There's no other way to look at this than an absolute Clusterf*ck. They spent 20 minutes discussing how a Mitchell to Clarko transition would work before announcing it..... Kennett and Reeves (who extended his own contract by another 4 years on the week they announced the coaching shambles)...
  3. Ugottabjokin

    Game Day Round 11, 2021: Suns v Hawks @ SCG 7:40pm

    And cue circus music and coloured wigs. Deplorable, disgusting, disgraceful.
  4. Ugottabjokin

    Game Day Round 4, 2021: Fremantle v Hawthorn, 11 April 2021, 4.40pm AEST @ Optus Stadium

    Worst midfield in the comp. How do you win the centre clearance yet still lose it? Go backwards with hanball to a player under pressure or miss the target completely. The lack of cohesion in the side is making us look worse than North. Dont blame the forwards like O'Brien at least he tries to...
  5. Ugottabjokin

    Autopsy Round 1, 2021: Hawthorn defeat Bombers in a 40pt turnaround!

    Read my username. After that sh*t truck pathetic umpiring display you a really think those turds will give us a brownlow vote!
  6. Ugottabjokin

    Preview Round 1 Preview : Hawthorn v Essendon, 7.40pm Sat 20th March, Marvel Stadium

    I got a ticket as well and was quite easy - maybe got lucky or maybe everyone thought that they had no chance so didn't bother.
  7. Ugottabjokin

    Would you support the Hawks if...?

    Anything that isn't Hawthorn Hawks can GAGF. I'll follow Storm, Victory, Melb United etc. Plenty of over sports and if the AFL and the powers to be at Hawthorn want to be dicks then they can go and suck each other off. They won't be getting my membership $$$ or following.
  8. Ugottabjokin

    Opinion Jeff Kennett News, Media etc.

    Ok he keeps emailing back and we are in an email converstaion now: You are entitled to.your view, and I hear what you are saying. But good governance of any organisation should be the top priority. No one I know enterting negotions for a new multi year contract would start those negotiations...
  9. Ugottabjokin

    Opinion Jeff Kennett News, Media etc.

    And my response: Hi Jeff, Thank you for the response but yet again you are missing the feeling and mood of the membership base you are supposed to be representing. Additionally referring to my email as a tirade is also showing clearly you are not grasping the message. It has been noted the...
  10. Ugottabjokin

    Opinion Jeff Kennett News, Media etc.

    Sorry to quote myself but I received an email back from Jeff today: Wow that was a tirade. We have not started negotiations yet The initial issue is between the AFL and Tasmania Once we know that outcome we will start our discussions. Until then we keep all options open. As we would in...
  11. Ugottabjokin

    Opinion Jeff Kennett News, Media etc.

    My membership automatically renews. All he has done is piss me off with passion. A president pissing off the membership base to pander to a sponsor. Not a wise move.
  12. Ugottabjokin

    Opinion Jeff Kennett News, Media etc.

    Email just sent to Jeff: Hi Jeff, I just read and heard about your latest comments in an interview you did with 5AA and the subsequent reporting in various news articles. It’s after midnight, but what I heard and read, has made me incensed. And for the first time in my life has led me to take...
  13. Ugottabjokin

    Oppo Camp General AFL and other clubs discussion thread. **Opposition fans not welcome** Part 6

    Thanks for your permission to carry on because I don't know what I would have done without it. And I know a hell of a lot of people in the finance industry that would disagree with all your mates - but I really shouldn't argue with your magnificent argument of "because my mates told me"...
  14. Ugottabjokin

    Oppo Camp General AFL and other clubs discussion thread. **Opposition fans not welcome** Part 6

    And as someone who works directly in the finance field for the past 20 years and was impacted by the morons report I can tell you you couldn't be more wrong. And I despise the sales culture as well - the banks are the main propagators of this and all they got was a slap on the wrist.
  15. Ugottabjokin

    Oppo Camp General AFL and other clubs discussion thread. **Opposition fans not welcome** Part 6

    I'm not sure you know anything about finance but Commissioner Hayne is a Goose and had no idea on the banking Royal Commission. Discovered some banks had been charging dead people fee for service and then tell me how many banking people did jail time? What's that none! Disgraceful report that...
  16. Ugottabjokin

    Strategy Who Captains the club in 2021? BigBoy!

    Anyone else notice who Clarko took with him to meet Conner Downie and his parents at their house? Gunners!
  17. Ugottabjokin

    Unofficial Preview 2020 Draft Discussion

    All I got from this post is that you're batting above your average.
  18. Ugottabjokin

    Smith exits via Free Agency

    Mitchell, Birch and Hodge left with our blessing and good luck with getting the final pay day we weren't willing to offer. They got other roles such as coaching opportunities at their new clubs so don't begrudge them at all. Lewis is still pissed at us for off loading him and we did treat him a...
  19. Ugottabjokin

    2020 FA, Draft and Trade HYPOTHETICAL with new DFA speculation!

    A home game at Marvel stadium against North, Doggies, Blues and Scum.